Makevolution: 16 exclusive designs for creative spirits. Enter and take part in the 2019 CAL & KAL!

Get ready to “makevolve” in 2019! We invite you to discover Makevolution, an exclusive collection of knit and crochet patterns from16 independent designers. Some of their names may already be familiar to you: Alimaravillas, Anna Jaune, Carmen García de MoraDe Estraperlo, Duendede los Hilos, Miss DIY, Gallimelmas, Knitting the SkylineLalalaToys, LeHandmade, Living Crochet, Oh Mami Crochet, Ovejita Be, Santa Pazienzia, Susimiu and Xamalo85. Exactly! They are all Craft Lovers or collaborate with Katia on different projects. This time, we have brought together all their creativity, personality and talent in a very special digital magazine. Do you want to know everything that is waiting for you in 2019 with Makevolution?  Because we are going to surprise you!

Enter Makevolution

Behind the 16 designs –based around the theme of Natural Geometry- in Makevolution you will find a whole lot more! Get to know the knit and crochet love story behind each of these 16 young creative designers. We open the doors to their work spaces, and favourite places, where they develop their creativity. And of course, they also share their sources of inspiration and creative processes. Take your time and feed your imagination whilst browsing through the digital magazine!

A gift for the whole year

Have you fallen in love with any of these designs? Each one of them is available in a downloadable individual PDF pattern format (5.50€). Do you want ALL the patterns in one PDF format only? Then why not purchase the complete digital magazine (19.95€), only available at By the way, when you buy any of these options your directly support the work of these 16 creative designers. This is definitely a gift (possibly for Christmas) that all knitters and crocheters can enjoy for a long time. Keep reading because we propose that you learn, share and enjoy throughout the whole of 2019 thanks to Makevolution.


CAL & KAL 2019

If you are a crocheter you will already know our Facebook page Crochet-Along Katia, right? Well now, we would like to invite you to our Facebook page for knitters: Knit-Along Katia. So why are we telling you all this? Because our suggestion is that you ‘makevolve’ whilst taking part in the CAL & KAL throughout the whole of 2019. We are going to knit and crochet the 16 designs featured in Makevolution! In each CAL & KAL we will have the support of each project designer to help resolve any queries and show all the secrets for making their design. Do you want to know the first 3 designs we are going to knit and crochet together in the Facebook Groups?

CAL Scotland Cowl by Santa Pazienzia

We start the year with the Scotland Cowl, designed by Estefanía from Santa Pazienzia for Makevolution. Create a beautiful accessory with a tartan print effect using only 5 balls of Merino Aran Natur. Choose your favourite colour combination and enjoy the magic of tapestry crochet. Buy the PDF pattern or the complete Makevolution digital magazine on the web. The CAL starts on the 2th of January and finishes on the 8th of February!


CAL Kala Blanket by LeHandmade

What’s this? Another CAL? Yes, but this one is a long term project. Why not alternate your shorter projects, that you can take with you wherever you go, with other bigger projects that you can work on peacefully at home, like this awesome Kala Blanket designed by Emilie de LeHandmade. In this case, we are launching the CAL on the 2nd of January, but you have until the 28th of June to complete this blanket made from Merino Shetland. Buy the PDF pattern or the complete Makevolution digital magazine on the web.


KAL Polar Waistcoat by Susimiu

We inaugurate the Knit-Along Katia Facebook Group with a beginner level pattern designed by Laura from Susimiu. Transform 5 balls of Katia Polar into a fashionable FauxFur waistcoat. Enjoy the soft touch of the yarn whilst easily knitting this garment which is ideal for combining with a blouse, dress or pair of jeans. Buy the PDF pattern or the complete Makevolution digital magazine on the web. Join the KAL and make this first knit project throughout the month of January!


Don’t loose the thread…

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