2 Special Knitted Turbans inspired by Maria and her sister

“I’ve been using your yarns for years because I love the quality and the fact that they allow you to make projects that last for years whilst maintaining their original appearance. I’ve searched online for some kind of turban to knit for my sister, who was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and started chemotherapy a few days ago…” That’s how the email that Maria sent us a week ago started. After checking that we really didn’t have any knitted turbans amongst out patterns, we started to knit. As a result, today on the19th of October, World Breast Cancer Day, we are sharing 2 knit patterns inspired by Maria and her sister. Here is our small “grain of yarn” to help support, highlight and accompany the cancer patients and their families.


Download PDF Basic Turban    …    Download PDF Wave Turban*

How to make knitted turbans?

First of all, we can all knit and wear elegant turbans with pride this winter. And of course, these knit patterns can be made with practically any yarn and colour. But in this post we want to share everything we’ve learnt after having been in contact with Maria. Because in order to knit a turban for her sister, there are some details that need to be taken into account:

  • The skin on the scalp is very sensitive. Therefore the turban material must be breathable and soft against the skin, that’s to say, it mustn’t be itchy!
  • To avoid leaving marks. It is best to avoid using seams on the inside and preferable to add a cotton lining inside the knitted turban.
  • The yarn used to make the turban must be lightweight, soft, comfortable and furthermore, must protect against the cold.


So the question was, which yarns fulfil these requirements? We thought about Fair Cotton, Tencel-Cotton, Tencel-Merino and the yarn line for babies. Finally, we decided to go with the chlorine free Baby Nature 100% organic wool to knit these special turbans. One of the reason is because this yarn is recommended for sensitive baby skins.

Download PDF Basic Turban   …   Download PDF Wave Turban*

*Updated PDF 10/25/2018

We want to thank Maria for her collaboration in helping to create this content; and also, for her confidence in Katia. We fully encourage providing information, support and investigation in order to help make early diagnosis and to subsequently overcome it.


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