Brighten up your hand knitted and crocheted garments! These are our 4 Autumn – Winter 2015/2016 colour trends

30 July, 2015

Whilst we´re waiting for the temperatures to drop, we´re going to tell you what you´ll be knitting and crocheting once this hot summer comes to an end. Believe us… it will come to an end! 😉 We already discovered the 3 Katia trends that combine colours, textures, designs and materials: Irregular YarnsRed & Black and Sensual Colours. Furthermore, every season the colour ranges of our yarns change and grow with the addition of new interesting and stimulating chromatic proposals. These are the 4 colour trends that you´ll be hanging in your wardrobe this forthcoming Autumn – Winter 2015 / 2016. Brighten up your hand knitted and crocheted garments!

Daily Burgundy. Warm and cold at the same time, this is the burgundy that will colour the coldest winter days. An intense range from vibrant corals to sombre bordeaux.


Light Green. Nature reaches into everything, into your home and your wardrobe, in a fresh blend of acid luminous greens.


Romantic Dreams. Powdery tones predominate in this delicate ethereal trend. A combination of light pinks and soft greys, like a caress.


Rustic Life. Dusk, the smell of rain, fire crackling in the hearth, the sound of wood underneath your bare feet, a cosy thick woollen blanket… All this transformed into earthy colours of ash and autumnal skies.