May the yarn be with you! With these 2 crochet patterns: Ewok hood and Princess Leia hair with Katia Maxi Merino


May the yarn be with you! We know that a lot of you knitters and crocheters out there have been excited about the latest Star Wars saga. Yoda, Darth Vader, Han Solo, R2D2, BB8… practically all these characters have inspired numerous creations in the yarn galaxy. Here at Katia we’ve felt “a disturbance in the force” that has carried us over to the light side where we’ve found Lalala Toys and their marvellous ideas for an adorable Ewok or a rebellious Princess Leia.


Wield your crochet hook as if it were a lightsaber and get yourself ready to crochet the galaxy’s most famous hair style with the biggest of personalities: download the pattern of this fun crochet hat and transform yourself into the energetic and brilliant Princess Leia. You only need 2 balls of Katia Maxi Merino colour nº 7!

We love the tenderness that Ewoks convey! Now, being one of these furry and peaceful little creatures that live in the Endor trees is so easy: download the crochet pattern created by Lalala Toys. Get yourself 2 balls of Katia Maxi Merino to make the hood and one ball of Katia Eskimo to crochet the little ears and to get that supper soft furry effect.

Remember Jedi CrocheterYou cannot abandon the yarn. It is constant. If you cannot find it, look no further than your crochet hook.