Alaska Rug Videotutorial: Home Decor idea to use up or recycle leftover yarns

Rug Videotutorial
Have you got some leftover yarns at home? If you have, pay attention to our Alaska Rug videotutorial. We are sharing a decor idea to recycle those yarns that you’ve got stored away without a particular project in mind. Of course, if you don’t have leftover yarns at home, you can still make the rug. In fact, in our Alaska Rug video tutorial we show how to make a knotted rug using balls of Katia Alaska. This is definitely a project for handicraft lovers who like to make decorative projects with yarns. Learn this simple technique and make a rug that’s modern, soft and warm. And remember, you can always adapt the design and the size of the rug to your own home.

Rug Videotutorial

Rug videotutorial

First download the instructions for our Alaska Rug videotutorial. Then, print the graphs out and give each area of the design a colour. As you’ll see, on the last page we propose a series of colour combinations. However, Katia Alaska is available in 44 colours, so you can think about all the combinations possible. Regarding the rug dimensions, this modular system allows for the creation of rugs in different sizes. In this case each module measures 15 ¾x15 ¾” (40x40cm), and the whole rug is 31 ½x31 ½” (80x80cm). Therefore, you can add as many modules as you need to decorate a larger space in your home.

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