Spring Bag CAL. Join the group to follow the tutorial and videos by MissDIY!

Whether you want to learn how to crochet or you already know how to do it, we invite you to become a part of our Spring Bag CAL. We propose that you follow the step by step instructions to make an easy, fun and practical crochet bag using a few balls of Katia Capri and Capri Plus. In order to do this, we are pleased to have the collaboration of Ester from MissDIY who has prepared a series of videos and a complete crochet pattern. Join our group on Facebook Crochet-Along #KatiaSpringBag! We are going to publish a new video every week (Spanish/English) and the Spring Bag CAL instructions in 6 languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian and Dutch. We want to bring together crocheters from all over the world so we can crochet, share, have fun and learn all together.

  Spring Bag CAL

Spring Bag CAL

As you’ll see, this colourful bag is the protagonist of our Spring Bag CAL. We love the proposal from MissDIY for so many reasons: the combination of Capri and Capri Plus colours; the beaded cord fastening; the long banner type strap… A very polished design! We’re also going to learn how to make a fabric lining for the inside of the bag. But let’s take this little by little…

Spring Bag CAL

First join our group on Facebook, Crochet-Along #KatiaSpringBag. Every week throughout April, we’ll be sharing a new video and the accompanying instructions with the group. Next, choose the materials you want to use for your project without hurrying. Here you can take a look at the Katia Capri and Katia Capri Plus colour ranges. Of course, you can also choose other Katia Spring Summer yarns to add a personal touch to your bag. Finally, if you decide to finish off your Spring Bag with a fabric lining, then you must discover the new Katia Fabrics fabric range.

Color combinations

Spring Bag CAL Spring Bag CAL Spring Bag CAL Spring Bag CAL Spring Bag CAL Spring Bag CAL Spring Bag CAL Spring Bag CAL

What is a CAL? 

If you’re still wondering what a CAL is, we’re going to tell you so that you can take part without any doubts. A CAL (Crochet-Along) means to follow a crochet pattern at the same time as other crocheters, during the same period of time. Which really means, “an online meeting point” where crocheters from all over the work can meet; learn something new or a different way of working, for example, a stitch that you’d already seen; help other people to continue with their work thanks to your experience; but, above all, a CAL is for sharing your time and your passion for crochet.

Spring Bag CAL

Prize Giveaway #KatiaSpringBag

At the end of the Spring Bag CAL, we are going to celebrate a prize giveaway between all the participants. What’s the prize? A ‘Knit your own story’ fabric bag full of Katia Spring Summer 2018 yarns and magazines. To enter the prize giveaway you only have to share an image of your Spring Bag, made from Katia yarns, with the group. You’ll see, you’ll have plenty of time to complete your project without having to hurry or get stressed. Above all, the aim of the CAL is to relax whilst you crochet, to enjoy each step of progress made and to happily share the results. Let’s get started!

Spring Bag CAL

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  • agnes camus

    bonjour,je me suis abonnée au groupe mais je n’arrive pas à acceder aux explications

    • Katia Yarns (author)

      Bonjour Agnes !
      Toutes les semaines, pendant le mois d’avril, nous allons partager une vidéo et les instructions dans ce groupe.
      Merci pour votre commentaire !

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