Craft Lovers ♥ Lincys Summer Top crochet pattern by Knitting the Skyline

Summer Top crochet pattern

Hello Summer! We welcome you with this Lincys Summer Top created by Lucía from Knitting the Skyline for our Craft Lovers section. This multifaceted designer from Madrid will try her hand at anything: amigurumi, knitted garments, crochet, macrame and even embroidery. As a result of her passion for DIY she abandoned her office job to dedicate herself exclusively to the world of yarns and the hand made. As a result, this restless young woman now dedicates her time and talents to teaching workshops and designing patterns in knit and crochet. Discover her simple, young and fresh designs on her Instagram profile. And, of course, follow the step by step instructions to make this Lincys Summer Top in crochet using Katia Lincys.

Summer Top crochet pattern

Lincys Summer Top

Crochet pattern by Knitting the Skyline

Materials: 5 balls Katia Lincys 305, size H8 (U.S.)/(5mm) crochet hook, wool sewing needle, stitch markers and scissors.

Stitches [►VIDEOS]

  • ch st: chain st
  • sl st: slip st
  • sc: single crochet
  • hdc: half double crochet
  • dc: double crochet
  • dec: work two consecutive stitches together to make one stitch
  • inc: make two stitches from the same stitch

Measurements for size S: 20 1/8” (51cm) wide x 16 7/8” (43cm) high (without straps/ 26 3/8” (67cm) with straps)

4×4” gauge: 14 double crochet sts x 7 rows

Other sizes

How do I adapt the pattern to other sizes? First, make the double crochet tension gauge swatch and take the hip measurement. Next, use the simple rule of three using the stitches obtained in the tension gauge (4” = X stitches) as the reference. Calculate how many stitches are necessary to achieve the contour outline measurement of the hips. Lastly, divide the result into 2 equal numbers so you know how many stitches you need to start the front.

Summer Top crochet pattern


R1. 60 ch sts+ 3 turning ch sts (= first double crochet)

NOTE: Start all the rows with 3 turning ch sts unless otherwise indicated.

R2. 60 dc (total: 61 dc with the 3 turning ch sts)

R3. 61 dc (61 dc)

R4. 5 ch sts, skip 2 dc from the previous row, *1 dc, 2 ch sts, skip 2 dc from the previous row*. Repeat from * until the end of the row. (31 dc + 30 ch sts)

R5. 61 dc (work in the holes formed by the chain sts on the previous row).

R6-R10: Repeat from R3 to R5 (61 dc)

Start to decrease at the start and finish of the row as follows:

R11. 1 dec in dc, 57 dc, dec in dc (59 dc)

R12. 1 dec in dc, 55 dc, 1 dec in dc (57 dc)

R13. 2 dec in dc, 51 dc, 2 dec in dc (53 dc)

R14-R31: 53 dc (53 dc)

R32. On this row DO NOT start with 3 ch sts. Only work 1 ch st and continue as follows: 7 sc, 3 hdc, 33 dc, 3 hdc, 7 sc (for the armhole).

R33. 10 sl sts (do not work these sts any more), place marker, 33 dc, place marker, 10 sl st (same as previous ones) (33 dc + 20 sl sts). Cut yarn and close last stitch.

First, start the straps in the first stitch after the slip stitches with markers. Divide the 33 dc in the following manner: 16 dc for the right strap, 1 dc which is not worked, and 16 dc for the left strap.

Summer Top crochet pattern

Straps x2

R34. ch st, 2 sc, 2 hdc, 8 dc, 2 hdc, 2 sc (16 sts)

R35. 3 ch sts (do not count as dc), continue in the 4th ch st from the hook: 1 dec in dc, 12 dc, 1 dec in dc (14 dc).

R36. 3 ch sts (do not count as dc), continue in the 4th ch st from the hook: 2 dec in dc, 6 dc, 2 dec in dc (8 dc).

R37. 3 ch sts (this does count as a dc now), 2 dc, 1 dec in dc,  2 dc (6 dc).

R38-R54. 6 dc.

Close and leave on hold to sew the straps on later.


Work the same as the front repeating from R1 to R31.

R32. Work the same as R4 (eyelets). Cut yarn and close last stitch.

Assembly: Sew the sides making the edges match. Once sewn, join the straps to the back: count the eyelet holes from the armhole and sew the straps on the sixth one. Lastly, neaten off all the loose ends and enjoy this summery linen top.

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