5 keys to creating your own sustainable fashion: more quality, customization, eco-friendly yarns, upcycling…

19 May, 2021

Quality, creativity and sustainability! Do you keep these three words in mind when purchasing yarn and fabrics? The crafting community is becoming more and more interested in the source of materials, something that we celebrate here at Katia. For years, we have developed an ECO line of sustainable, recycled and fair-trade yarns. If you are also on the path to reducing the amount of clothes you buy and making yourself a 100% handmade wardrobe, carry on reading! In this post, we share 5 keys to creating your own sustainable fashion, as well as everything about our most eco-friendly yarns.

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5 keys to creating your own sustainable fashion

1 | Less garments, more quality

If you knit and sew your own clothes, congratulations, you are already part of sustainable fashion! You create garments for yourself and your family with the best quality materials at your own pace, in no hurry. Choose a capsule wardrobe where quality takes precedence over quantity. Follow the slow fashion philosophy to make special, versatile and long-lasting accessories and garments. Enjoy slowly knitting through the designs from the All Seasons 2 magazine throughout the year with the exquisite premium range yarns from Concept by Katia. Feel the satisfaction of opening your wardrobe or drawers and choosing what to wear among your own creations!

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2 | Choose to customize

Trends are temporary, your personality is permanent. Sewing and knitting your own clothes gives you the freedom to create your own designs, beyond fast fashion. You have the power to modify a pattern to suit your tastes, choose the yarn you prefer or knit in your favorite color combination. Without a doubt, if you want to wear original and exclusive garments, choose to customize. Release your creative soul, empower your spirit, bring your creations to life! Find inspiration thanks to well-known designers from the knitting community and their designs available in the Fair Cotton Crochet magazine. You can now purchase the full Spanish-English edition of the magazine as a PDF at katia.com.

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3 | Choose to knit with sustainable yarns

At Katia we take note of all the requests of conscientious makers. Thus, every season we expand our ECO line with new environmentally friendly yarns. We want you to have access to all the information so that you can make your own decisions as a consumer of yarns and fabrics. Discover which products include an official certificate among the label symbols and on the web page of each article. Fair Cotton, Fair Cotton Craft 175, EKOS, Re-Tape, Macramé Cord, Ultrasoft, Big Ribbon… here are some of our sustainable yarns made with recycled materials and organic cotton.

4 | The art of mending and updating

If you can knit and sew full garments, the art of mending and updating holds no mystery to you. Lengthen the lifespan of your garments and accessories! Recycle and mend damaged garments or easily update old-fashioned designs. Do you need some ideas? Try updating a plain sweater with colorwork embroidery. Add pockets, lapels or cuffs to old sweaters and jackets in a contrast color or with a different textured yarn. Lastly, if your favorite sweater has a hole, get your tapestry needle and some pretty threads. Play with textures and volumes to transform that damage into a new design!

5 | Upcycling or how to turn waste yarn or old fabric into something new

If you follow Katia’s blog it is because you are a creative and practical crafter. You know textile techniques and how to use different materials to turn old or damaged projects into a new idea. Give your handmade creations a second life! Find thousands of inspiring ideas on InstagramPinterest and YouTube. Do you have lots of waste yarn and are looking for a way to use it up? Here are some simple video tutorials that you can easily do with the youngest members of the family. Without a doubt, crafting is the most fun way to teach them to love handmade things. You just need some waste yarn and fabric scraps!

Decorate all kinds of garments and accessories with pompoms

Garlands, necklaces, keychains, bookmarks… Create macramé feathers!

Turn your waste yarn into a rug for your home

Create a homemade loom and make tapestries

We hope that these 5 keys encourage you to carry on creating your own sustainable fashion. At Katia, we thank you for knitting with us, and for choosing our eco-friendly yarns to do so. Because thanks to your choices as a conscientious knitter, moving towards more sustainable consumption and a more environmentally friendly production is possible.

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