Sewing clothes for children is easy with Mónica and our Vintage Universe

Hi, my name is Mònica and I am more than happy to be a guest today on the Katia Fabrics blog. I am going to show you how sewing clothes for children can be a whole lot of fun.
If you already know me you will be well aware that I really like sewing for my own children and that they are lucky to have the majority of their wardrobe sewn for them by their mum.

Sewing clothes for children is easy

The eldest is 8 years old, Indi is 6 years old and The Olive is 11 months old. And there is no doubting that they all have very different styles and requirements, but the clothing that I make for them has various things in common:
– It is comfortable clothing that they can wear to go to school, to jump about in the park or to take part in any one of a thousand activities that fill up their week. For me this is essential when choosing a pattern.
– I love unisex garments, as this allows me to pass them on from one child to another.
– I always use natural fibres for them that are breathable, easy to wash and sew and need minimal ironing.
– The fabric colours and prints help me by making my children feel great, original and unique. They do not necessarily need to be “children’s fabrics”, “for girls” or “for babies”, it is so much more fun to come up with some surprises and go against the grain sometimes.

sewing for the family

VINTAGE Universe

With the Katia Fabrics patterns and fabrics I have found exactly what I am looking for. Today I am going to show you the garments, which you may not necessarily have thought about for kids, that I have made for my children from the Vintage Universe. I hope you change your mind once you have seen the photos 😉

For the baby I have used the pattern #B3, top and knickers. The little knickers are in green and the top is in a sand colour with a facing that makes a matching set with the knickers. I have used snap fasteners instead of buttons because they make my life so much easier when it is time to dress or undress.

sew a baby dress

For Indi there is a set: the unisex t-shirt #K1 to which I have added a breast pocket and a piping to conceal the back neck inner seam. The shorts are pattern #K3 but with some small modifications: I have lengthened them by around 2”(5 cm) and I have reduced the width of the waistband slightly. I have also made the waistband, the pockets on the shorts and the t-shirt pocket in a matching contrast fabric.

boy shorts

For the eldest I have made short pattern #K3 without any modifications. As you can see, in principal, it is a girl’s pattern but it serves just as well for the adventurers in the house.

sew a girl shorts

One day with the children

We made the most of a fantastic sunny weekend to show off our outfits for the first time at a Music Festival. The children are experienced festival goers and they went well prepared for spending the day dancing and having fun in the open air. The festival bracelet, sunglasses, comfortable footwear, cute clothes…Everything ready!

sewing clothes for childrens

All the clothes have passed the quality test with top marks. What do you think?

sewing for kids

sewing for kids

sewing for babies

They had a fantastic time at the concerts, climbing over everything they could find, trying instruments, we had a picnic, they ate an ice-cream…It was a perfect spring day.

  sewing for the family

Ma me mi mo BLOG

Since I have been sewing I have become very fussy about the clothes I buy, above all when it comes to the fibre composition and the quality of the fabrics, as well as the garment finishing. I do not really like the difference in styling that I find in the shops between girl’s clothing (pastel colours, tacky messages, bows, frills, showing off more than I think is appropriate for a little girl) and boy’s clothing (lots of letters and numbers, boastful or go getting messages, bright colours and eeeeverything the same, nothing original). I think that knowing how to sew gives us an advantage which allows us to create unique and special pieces that can be adapted for kids. We can use the colours that suit them best, the print designs that they like and escape the absurd fashion trends.

sewing for kids

I hope you liked my proposals of sewing clothes today and that I have encouraged you to sew with different print designs and to give the labels a miss. So do not let anybody tell you that this is a woman’s fabric or this is a child’s pattern. Do something daring. Take a risk.

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