Top-down sweater with cables and bobble pattern designed by Alice Hammer for Premium Designers

12 May, 2021

Alice Hammer @tricotalicehammer is a French designer with a passion for fashion history. Together with her knitting skills, she creates models “that she has always dreamed of, but never discovered before”. In 2018, she began publishing the Club Tricot series in French and English. Through these self-published pattern books, Alice shares colorful and modern patterns, with many circular patterns. The patterns are created for all levels, from a beginner to a more advanced knitter. Curious to see Alice´s beautiful patterns? This is your chance to discover one of her amazing designs, the Achille Sweater, thanks to this special pattern for Katia Premium Designers. If your weakness is garments like this top-down sweater with cables, bobble stitch and a combination of textures; get your needles ready, and enjoy knitting every stitch with Cotton-Yak from Concept by Katia.

Top-down sweater with cables

Top-down sweater with cables 

Achille is a knitting project for people who, like me, love to follow charts while knitting. This is a top-down sweater with cables, bobble and diamond pattern. The Katia Cotton-Yak yarn that I have chosen to design this pattern is ideal for making cables and bobbles. Because the lightness of the wool and cotton blend with the velvet-like effect of the yak makes motifs and stitches stand out without weighing down the work”.  Alice Hammer @tricotalicehammer

Jersey top-down con trenzas

Premium Designers

With each Premium Designer, European independent designers share with you their love for knitting and crocheting. We invite you to find out their stories and what inspires them through these exclusive designs. At Katia, we’ve been designing knit and crochet garments for decades. Therefore, in this space we share unique designs and patterns, while you discover everything about these creative minds.

Top-down sweater with cables

Concept by Katia

Finally, discover the pleasure of knitting with the quality and warmth of the natural fibers in our high-range Concept by Katia yarn line. Noble fibers, pure colors, and rich textures: Cashmere, silk, merino, alpaca, organic cotton, yak

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