It’s here! The new collection of fabrics and sewing patterns Katia Fabrics SS21

Create, dream and fly with the new Katia Fabrics SS21 spring summer collection! This season, find light, breathable and fresh fabrics so that boys and girls feel comfortable and comfortable to play and imagine fantastic adventures. We have included in our catalog several new and surprising fabrics: such as Rustic Cotton, the translucent waterproof, rustic and light Sari, or the fine Slub jersey. Not forgetting our classic printed poplin, ready-to-sew panels, or resistant Canvas. The latter in new qualities such as slim or stain-resistant that is perfect for tablecloths, bags, or toiletry bags. New names and types of fabrics that we explain below one by one so that you can learn clearly and easily what you can sew with each of them. And of course, we present you the new FLY sewing pattern magazine with 33 modern projects for sizes between 62 cm to 152 cm (1 month – 12 years).


Katia Fabrics SS21

Fly is a collection inspired by the concept of FLY. Flying literally but also in its most abstract version: letting your imagination fly. Fly invites us to never stop creating, dreaming, and playing without limits. Hand in hand with our little ones we imagine a world where animals live happily without tripping along the tightrope of extinction. Let’s share and learn more than ever with our minis, and we will be children again.

Loaded with news, this is how the new Katia Fabrics FLY fabric collection comes. We highlight some new fabrics and patterns and little by little in the next post we will show you in more detail each of them with tutorials and tips.

Print Poplin

Full of cheerful and fun colors to give that different touch to the looks of the little ones.

Jungle Heroes whose protagonists are jungle animals with superhero capes. Tigers, giraffes, koalas, and crocodiles in vivid tropical colors.


The improved version of our waterproof, this time with a feature that will make you fall in love as soon as you meet them. They are waterproof and translucent fabrics. Ideal for making raincoats, beach bags, toiletry bags, etc …

Rustic Cotton

Rustic cotton with a slightly wrinkled look, with spectacular body and drape. The perfect fabric for a multitude of projects for both clothing and home accessories. You can find them in 6 solid colors and 6 prints.

Plumeti bicolor and vintage

Bicolor: A very delicate fabric in a combination of two colors with which to make blouses, dresses, and even a summer scarf.

Vintage: White plumeti with small vertical embroidery in 100% cotton. Available in plain white or in two delicate patterns.

plumeti vintage

Sari Fabric

A very special fabric that we are very happy to include in this collection. Ecru cotton fabric with a small lame line that gives it a touch of sophistication. Ideal for making scarves, dresses, or a dress for the beach.

sari fabric


Jersey SLUB

In addition to our usual jersey, we have added a very light summer sweater with a “slub” effect. This means that the weft of the yarn changes in thickness and leaves a visual “linen” effect. On an ecru background with stripes in blue, garnet, or fluorine green. Sew with this new fabric, summer t-shirts, jumpsuits, or sweatshirts. With a width of 1.80 m!

Sweat Towel

Summer sweatshirt fabric with a slight terry-towel effect for fun and informal looks. In 3 colors on an ecru background for sweatshirts,  pants, rompers, and dresses.

sweat towel fabric


Within our star fabric of the summer, we have included new qualities, such as the Ecru Canvas made of organic cotton or Canvas Slim a little lighter than normal canvas. And finally the Canvas Slim Waterproof, a new fabric with anti-stain treatment and “waterproof” waterproofing. Ideal for making tablecloths, table runners, you and me, lunch bags, snack holders, and much more.

canvas slim waterproof

Very easy panels ready to sew

We have included panels as original as a bowling game set, a world map panel to place the animals, or a children’s backpack. And our classics for cushions, T-shirts, dresses, and sweatshirts.

world panel

dress panel

Katia Sewing Patterns Fly Magazine SS21

Fly high with the new Katia Fabrics Fly sewing magazine! Put your hands and your sewing machine to work in the little ones’ summer wardrobe. We propose 33 easy and practical patterns to sew comfortable, durable and current clothes. Find interesting sewing projects and discover new organic fabrics, recycled fabrics, muslin with golden touches, and soft plumetis, among many other novelties.

sewing magazine fly ss21

sewing magazine fly ss21


Do you dare to fly with Katia Fabrics Fly?


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