How to embroider flowers on headbands and hair clips 💐 Video tutorials by @xianacobo 

22 August, 2023

Learn how to embroider flowers on headbands and hair clips thanks to Xiana Cobo’s inspiring video tutorials! This talented textile artist and illustration enthusiast shares a step-by-step video to add a handmade vibe to your hair accessories. Get ready to wear a padded headband and clips lined with Katia Fabrics featuring flowers hand-embroidered using Katia yarns! 

How to embroider flowers using yarn 

Dive into the wonderful world of floral embroidery thanks to the videos created by Xiana Cobo for this tutorial. Discover how to embroider flowers combining original materials like 50 Mohair Shades thread, Katia Capri mercerized cotton and Katia Washi tape. With her friendly and educational style, @xianacobo will guide you every step of the creative process to transform simple accessories into charming hair decorations. Just apply some basic embroidery stitches! 

Fall in love with Xiana Cobo’s “souvenir” textiles 

Xiana Cobo is a passionate artisan and textile artist with experience in fashion and print design. In 2018, she began an exciting personal project combining her love for textiles and illustration. Through techniques like digital and manual printing, silk-screen printing and embroidery, she develops “souvenir” textiles to redefine the idea of objects made to remember. Her unique designs reflect emotions, experiences, and significant moments, creating an intimate connection between people and their memories. 

how to embroider flowers

Step-by-step video tutorials 

Materials needed 

  • Wide plastic headband 
  • Metal hair clip 
  • Cotton or fabric padding 

Tools: Pencil and paper, ruler or tape measure, textile glue, scissors, embroidery needles, sewing thread and embroidery hoop (optional). 

Threads and colors used 

Recommended Katia Fabrics

Template or illustration with embroidery stitches used 

  • Satin stitch 
  • Stem stitch and fishbone stitch 
  • French knot 

Embroidered flower headband video 

Video to embroider a flower and bee on a hair clip 

Step-by-step instructions to customize headbands and hair clips 

  1. Draw the template of the headband and hair clip on a piece of paper, as shown in each video tutorial. Add the following seam allowances:
  • For the headband: half the width on each side + 1.5 cm 
  • For the clip: half the width on each side + 5 mm, as well as 1.5 cm at the top and 5 mm at the bottom. 
  1. Trace the silhouette of the template and the floral motif onto your Katia Fabrics fabric of choice: you can adapt the embroidery template to the size of the accessory.

TIP: How to transfer the motif to the fabric 

With light fabrics, you just need to attach the printed motif to a glass window and hold the fabric against it. If you prefer to use dark fabrics, then use tracing paper between the fabric and the motif. 

  1. Thread your embroidery needle with the recommended Katia yarns and work the stitches mentioned both in the template and each video: fishbone stitch, stem stitch, satin stitch, and French knot. For this step, you can use an embroidery hoop to tension the fabric and embroider more comfortably.
how to embroider flowers

How to apply the embroidery to hair accessories 

  1. After you’ve made the embroidery, cut out the fabric in the shape of the template and prepare the padding:
  • For the headband: cut the padding fabric and glue it to the headband with textile glue, layer upon layer. Next, cut the excess following the outline of the headband and round the edges. 
  • For the clip: cut a piece of padding the size of the template without the seam allowances. Use textile glue to attach this padding to the back of the embroidery. 
  1. Next, wrap the headband and hair clip in the embroidered fabric.
  • For the headband: fold the embroidered fabric horizontally and sew along the edge of the wrong side of the work with your sewing machine (or stitch by hand). Leave a 10-cm opening to turn the piece inside out and insert the headband. Sew the opening closed by hand using a blanket stitch. 
  • For the clip: Use basting stitch to adjust the embroidered fabric to the edge of the clip and blanket stitch to fasten it into place. 
  1. Lastly, embellish the underside of these hair accessories. Sew or glue a piece of the same fabric, a piece of decorative trim or a piece of felt in your favorite color. You can also do what Xiana has done and use Katia Washi for this final detail.

how to embroider flowers

Any questions? If you have any questions about this project, please write to @xianacobo. Xiana will be happy to help you! 

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