Combine 3 textile techniques and wear a crochet bag with cross-stitch thanks to the tutorial by @unabuenapieza

Autor: Katia
11 April, 2023

Learn how to create your own Pitonisa bag thanks to Anna´s @unabuenapieza tutorial! Inspired by the magic of nature, this fun crochet bag with cross-stitch is a work of art! A moth with eyes on its wings, ghosts, twigs, a heart, and a moon come together to create a unique and mysterious composition. Enjoy the magic of creating a crossbody bag with Katia Fair Cotton combining 3 textile techniques: crochet, embroidery, and sewing!

crochet bag with cross-stitch

Crochet bag with cross-stitch pattern

This Pitonisa bag is much more than a simple accessory, it is a work of art that you can take with you everywhere. Through the combination of three textile techniques, crochet, embroidery and sewing, Anna @unabuenapieza guides you step by step to create a 100% creative bag. Whether you are a beginner or an expert in these techniques, dare to create your own crochet bag with cross-stitch pattern!

3 textile techniques for a magical bag

Put into practice three textile techniques to surprise everyone with your Pitonisa bag:

  1. Crochet: To make a very sturdy bag.
  2. Embroidery: To decorate the bag with an original cross-stitch design.
  3. Sewing: To join the parts of the bag together, and also to add a lining and an adjustable strap.

crochet bag with cross-stitch


For crocheting the bag:

For the embroidery:

*You can also use leftovers from other Katia yarns that you have at home.

bordar sobre ganchillo

To make the bag:

  • 0.3 meters of cotton poplin from Katia Fabrics
  • 2 meters of 30 mm black backpack strap
  • 2 silver-colored 30 mm metal D-rings
  • 30 mm silver-colored metal sliding buckle
  • Magnetic clasp or buttons to close the bag
  • Sewing thread
  • Scissors
  • Measuring tape
  • Sewing machine (optional)

coser un forro bolso

1 | How to crochet the bag

  1. With Katia Fair Cotton in black (#2), chain 70 stitches.
  2. Work in single crochet, in rows back and forth, until reaching 4.5 cm.
  3. Switch to Katia Fair Cotton in natural (#3) and make 57 rows in single crochet.
  4. Repeat these 3 steps to make two identical pieces.

2 | Embroider the design in cross stitch

It´s time to learn how to cross-stitch on crochet. To do this, follow the chart, where each square stands for making an X on a single crochet stitch.

gráfico punto de cruz

Video and tips: How to cross stitch on crochet

Take a look at the video and follow these tips to cross-stitch on crochet:

  1. First, practice cross-stitching to familiarize yourself with the holes in crocheted fabric.
  2. Don´t make knots! Leave the thread a little long at the beginning and secure it with each stitch on the back of the embroidery.
  3. Try not to pierce the thread of the fabric with the needle. Look for a well-defined hole before poking the work.
  4. Start from the center! In the graph, the center is at the intersection of the two red lines.
  5. The cross stitch on crochet fabric may not be perfect, but it is still beautiful. So, relax and have fun!

3 | Sew the bag with lining and strap

Follow this step-by-step instructions to assemble the crossbody bag:

Sew the crochet pieces together. Face the right sides (the embroidery facing inward) and sew the sides and base of the bag (black parts). Turn the work right side out and finish the top edge with a single crochet round and a crab stitch round using black Fair Cotton.

Prepare the lining by cutting two pieces of fabric the same size as the bag with the following seam allowance:

  • 1 cm on both sides and base
  • 2 cm at the top

Make a simple hem (2 cm) at the top of both pieces. Then, sew them together on the other three sides.

coser trabillas a bolso

For the loops: Cut two pieces of strap 10 cm long, pass a D-ring through each one and fold in half. Sew a loop on each side of the bag.

For the adjustable handle: Cut 180 cm of strap and sew one end to the movable bar of the sliding buckle. Pass the other end through one of the D-rings, then through the buckle, and finish by sewing it to the other D-ring.

Sew the fabric lining inside the bag and finally add a magnetic clasp to close your new and magical Pitonisa bag.

bolso de crochet bordado a punto de cruz

The creative journey of @unabuenapieza

Anna Mimó is a creative and passionate designer who finds inspiration in nature and the combination of textile techniques. With her cross-stitch design studio, Una Buena Pieza, Anna brings her ideas and creations to life, full of color, ghosts, and flowers. Her training in graphic design and illustration, along with her experience in a haberdashery, has allowed her to explore a world of textures and materials. In addition to her work in the studio, Anna enjoys knitting, reading, and walking her dogs in the forest or on the beach. Follow Anna at @unabuenapieza to inspire your own creative path!

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