After the storm… comes the Willbe O’key CAL! A rainbow amigurumi by @deestraperlo for you

“As soon as I became aware of the #andratuttobene and #desdemiventana initiatives, whereby kids paint rainbow signs and hang them on their balconies, I knew straight away that I wanted to make an amigurumi rainbow. In fact, it was more of a necessity than a desire. Rainbows, colours, positive sentiments and optimistic messages? Oh yes baby”. So, as in the words of Maria Sommer @deestraperlo, Willbe O’key was born. This likeable crochet doll with googly eyes is full of colour and raring to go outside after the storm. “And what is Willbe O’key doing whilst the storm continues? Well, the same as you! Staying calmly at home, talking to friends and family by phone, reading books that were pending and practicing new hobbies. In the end, the same as everyone else, but above all, waiting until the storm is over”. We want this wait to be as entertaining and enjoyable as possible. Therefore, we have organized the Willbe O’key CAL with Maria. Open our Facebook group Crochet-Along Katia and make your own Willbe O’key amigurumi rainbow throughout the next weeks!

crochet-along amigurumi

Join the Willbe O’key CAL!

Are you eager to make your crochet Willbe O’key NOW? If so, first you need to join our Facebook Crochet-Along Katia Group. This is an online meeting point where you can meet many other crochet and amigurumi fans. Moreover, you can share, learn and beat the boredom together. Get a few balls of Katia Fair Cotton and increase your crochet knowledge! For this project, we recommend that at least you know how to work the basic crochet stitches. If you are a beginner, don’t worry! We are going to guide you through the process. Furthermore, Maria Sommer from De Estraperlo, the Willbe O’key creator, will also help explain every detail from this pattern. 

CAL Willbe O'key

To take part in this CAL

  1. Enter the Facebook Group Crochet-Along Katia or request to take part if you are not already a member. Please read and accept the group terms and conditions.
  2. Prepare the materials to make your Willbe O’key.
    • 1 ball each of Katia Fair Cotton in the following colours: pistachio 34, red 4, light mauve 40, midnight blue 24, mint green 17, light pearl grey 11 and black 2.
    • Crochet hook size B1 (U.S.)/(2 mm)
    • Stitch markers (optional)
    • Wool sewing needles and pins
    • Filling
    • Pipe cleaners or wire to articulate legs and arms (optional)
  3. Download the free pattern on the de Destraperlo blog. The instructions are available in 6 languages: English, Spanish, French, Dutch, German and Italian.
  4. Start and finish of the Wilbe O’key CAL: the start date is the 11th of May and the finish date is the 25th of May. Therefore, you have until the 11th of May to prepare or find your materials without having to rush. Then, you have time enough to make one or as many Willbe O’keys as you like. Make one for yourself or to give as gifts to family and friends. This toy will make a great playmate for the tiny tots of the household too!

rainbow amigurumi

#CALWillbeOkey Competition

Let’s go! Take part in the Willbe O’key CAL, make your amugurumi rainbow with Katia yarns and have a chance to win a pack of Katia yarns. To take part in the competition, share a photo of your Willbe O’key peeping out from the balcony, window or garden. Then post the photo on Instagram and/or Facebook with the hashtag #CALWillbeOkey. You have until the 25th of May to enter the competition. Finally, from all the photos, we will select the 3 most amusing, emotive, artistic and surprising ones… as the winners of 3 packs of Katia yarns.

CAL Willbe O'key

Amigurumis full of life by @deestraperlo

At Katia we have a true devotion for the amigurumis created by De Estraperlo. If you fall in love with Willbe O’key you have to meet the rest of Maria’s unique personalities. They are full of life:

All these are amigurumi patterns created by Maria Sommer for Katia, but there are many more! Cactus kid and Luciflor, Rex Pistols and the Meteorites, Manolete Muffin, The Chicken Sisters, Karl Toffeln, Pickles, Minus or Freddy the cat, among others. After making Willbe O’key, there’s a high probability that you’re going to want more of this good crochet vibe from @deestraperlo. Therefore, why not follow her on Facebook and Instagram and find her patterns in Spanish and English on Etsy


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