7 sewing patterns to sew back-to-school staples🚸

25 August, 2023

August flies by… And it’s time to get everything our little ones need for the upcoming fall ready. For this reason, we suggest these 7 sewing patterns to sew back-to-school staples. Discover simple sweatshirts, pants, and backpacks for the youngest members of the family following one of the 2023 fall trends: colorblock. This year, sew comfortable and practical garments using basic fabrics like fleece or canvas that open up a world of color combinations. Here are 7 garments and accessories for a 100% handmade back to school!

sewing patterns to sew back-to-school staples

7 sewing patterns to sew back-to-school staples

Do you want to sew comfortable clothes for kids? Like T-shirts, sweatshirts, or pants. We recommend jersey knit fabrics or fleece. Both T-shirt and jersey fabrics, like soft French terry or fleece, are soft, warm and elastic fabrics. This is really important so that your little ones feel comfortable and can play without the fabric pulling. Sewing with elastic fabrics may seem complicated, but contrary to popular belief, it’s quite easy, and the result is spectacular.

sewing patterns to sew back-to-school staples

Colorblock: a 2023 trend in children’s fashion

Colorblock comes to children’s fashion. This trend combines solid colors in blocks or different parts within a garment. Play with your favorite color combinations in a simple and modern way. Like these comfortable sweatshirts and backpacks made with our fleece fabrics for garments and canvas fabrics to sew fun backpacks.

sewing patterns to sew back-to-school staples

3 baby and children’s sewing patterns

1. Colorblock sweatshirt

Make this sweatshirt by combining our fleece fabrics to achieve a cozy sweatshirt for this 23/24 fall-winter. Find this pattern in the 23/24 Fall-Winter Textures sewing pattern magazine by Katia Fabrics. This design is available from size 1 m (62 cm) to 12 months (80 cm). Also, you’ll find illustrated step-by-step instructions so that you can easily sew this sweatshirt.

Sewing patterns sweatshirt by Katia Fabrics

2. Make a full tracksuit

In the 23/24 Fall-Winter Textures sewing pattern magazine, you’ll find this pattern to sew a sweatshirt with pockets and a hood for sizes 5 to 12 years. You’ll also find this pattern to sew sports pants. This sewing pattern is available for sizes from 12 months to 12 years of age.

Combine fleece fabrics by Katia Fabrics and create a full tracksuit. The clear and detailed instructions you’ll find in our sewing pattern magazine will guide you every step of the sewing process, which makes it easy to follow, even if you’re a beginner.

23/24 Fall-Winter Textures sewing pattern magazine

4. Sewing patterns to sew 2 children’s sweatshirts in sizes 5 to 12 years

Get your little one’s favorite fabric combination ready because here are 2 sewing patterns for a sweatshirt or jacket with step-by-step instructions.

The first sewing pattern is no. 18 from the Textures sewing pattern magazine, a hooded and zip-up sweatshirt. It’s designed with lots of details and made using fleece fabrics by Katia Fabrics so that kids feel comfortable and fashionable.

The following design is no. 20 from the Textures sewing pattern magazine. It’s the perfect jacket to combine our fleece fabrics and make a cozy sweatshirt for fall-winter.

2 sewing patterns for a sweatshirt or jacket by Katia Fabrics

2 backpack sewing patterns to sew back-to-school 

1. Backpack with a zipper and pockets

Sew this backpack pattern for children included in the 20/21 Fall-Winter Origins sewing pattern magazine. A pattern for a backpack with a zipper and side pockets, easy to make with cotton canvas fabrics in solid colors.

backpack sewing pattern

2. Backpack with a flap and cord closure

Lastly, if you want to learn how to sew a basic backpack with a flap, front pocket and cord fastening, follow this free pattern. Use this sewing pattern to easily make a backpack combining your favorites colors of our new cotton canvas fabric.

Free sewing pattern basic backpack with a flap

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