Outdoor events are much more popular during the summer, and today we are going to propose different activities for you to enjoy with your family and friends. Furthermore, we are sharing 3 step by step sewing tutorials so you can have fun with these activities in the most “do it yourself” manner, whilst adding your own personal style.

If you are a person who loves outdoor activities and it passionate about “do it yourself, this post is for you.

1. Go camping

Get your tent, caravan or camper van ready with the canvas fabrics from Katia Fabrics. Use the Canvas Slim fabric to make cushions, curtains, a hammock or the complete furnishing for your Camper van with your very own personal touch.
Sew some cushions without zips in less than 30 minutes with the step by step tutorial we are sharing with you.

2. Do you prefer the beach or the swimming pool?

We bet you must have thought about making your own fabric bag for the beach or the swimming pool. Now is your chance. You can make one in less than a day with this video-tutorial and free pattern.

3. Enjoy a sunset picnic with your family or friends

It’s so easy to organize a picnic, and furthermore, you can do it in your own style because making a table cloth is so easy using the canvas fabrics or the printed poplin fabrics from Katia Fabrics.

Do you want to sew perfect corners on your tablecloth? We show you how with these step by step instructions.

Moreover, we are sharing a video tutorial so you can learn how to make a reusable sandwich bag. It’s such an easy sewing project to make using the Eat & Sew fabric. This food-grade plastic from Katia Fabrics is ideal for sewing snack bags, fridges or any food wrapping items. Learn how to make your reusable sandwich bag in less than 30 minutes with the free pattern and video tutorial.


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