Eat & Sew

100% EVA 2 Ratings

BPA free

122 cm - 80gr/mt2
Machine washable at 40ºC
Do not bleach
Do not machine dry
Do not iron

Commonly known as "food plastic", it is generally used for bags that contain food items, for food packaging, and above all, as a lining for sandwiches or kid's snack bags. It is also used to line
refrigerators or lunch boxes and all food types that need protecting from humidity or water, given that EAT&SEW is totally waterproof.

BPA free
Free BPA indicates the absence of Bisphenol A (BPA). A component principally used in the industrial production of plastic containers. When BPA is exposed to changes in temperature it can release particles that contaminate food. Katia Fabrics food grade plastic is BPA free.

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