Enjoy creating with the new collection of fabrics inspired by the Tooth Picker

The Tooth Picker and the Tooth Fairy, are the protagonists and the source of inspiration to create the new Tooth Picker collection that we present to you today. Made up of 4 different fabrics, 3 of them with gold touches. A jersey, a muslin, a poplin, and a winter sweat. With them, we have created comfortable and at the same time fun garments for every day.

Both Tooth Fairy and Tooth Fairy are imaginary characters who collect teeth that children lose. These are put under the pillow and at night the mouse or fairy exchanges them for small treasures, sweets, or coins. Some fascinating characters for our little ones, who never stop surprising us with their imagination.

Tooth picker fabrics

Tooth Fairy and Tooth Fairy Collection


This T-shirt-type knit fabric has beautiful drawings of the Tooth Picker flying with an umbrella and on toothbrushes through the blue sky. Ideal for sewing comfortable and pleasant mid-season garments such as this long-sleeved baby t-shirt. We recommend that you use a Jersey needle, SUK ballpoint/thickness: 70/80 to sew with this stretch fabric.

jersey Ratoncito Pérez


This double-layered muslin is a timeless fabric with which to sew garments of all kinds. Printed with small polka dots and stars in colors, some of them in gold glitter on a cream background. With it, we have made a simple mini skirt for Little and Kids sizes, whose pattern you can find in the new sewing patterns magazine miniME AW 21/22.

TOOTH FAIRY muselina gold


100% cotton poplin with a delicate tooth fairy print. Pastel colors on a pink background and small touches of gold. A very beautiful design and suitable for making patterns for dresses, blouses, and accessories for your little one. Here you can see how beautiful this ruffled dress looks.

popelin hada de los dientes


Finally, we show you a very sweet winter fleece in pink with shooting stars and gold dots, small touches of gold to shine. With it, you can sew sweatshirts, pants, jackets, or casual dresses.

felpa de invierno gold


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