Step-by-step instructions to sew a cushion cover without a zipper for your terrace, garden, or balcony

The temperatures are rising, the days are getting longer, and we want to spend more time outdoors on our terraces, enjoying some snacks, reading, and eating dinner under the stars. This is why we share simple step-by-step instructions so you can learn how to sew a cushion cover without a zipper with our new canvases: Recycled Canvas and Canvas Slim.

Create the perfect cushions to make the most of your home’s outdoor space. Get your sewing machine out! Get your terrace, garden, or balcony ready and enjoy the good weather with your cushion covers.

pillow cover

Discover our Recycled Canvas and Canvas Slim fabrics:

Discover our Recycled Canvas and Canvas Slim fabrics

Recycled Canvas

Soft and resistant rustic canvas fabric, with timeless designs. Thanks to its composition of polyester made with plastic bottles (15%) and pre-consumer recycled cotton (85%), it is a 100% recycled fabric certified by the Global Recycled Standard (GRS).

This sustainable canvas is available in two different prints: on the one hand, Recycled Canvas Stripes, with an uneven striped design; on the other, Recycled Canvas Print, with leaf motifs.

Jeans Recycled Canvas

Twill fabric made from recycled, post-consumer jeans, that is, every meter of fabric recycles one pair of jeans. The new Jeans Recycled Canvas is a sustainable fabric, with 72% GRS (Global Recycled Standard) certification.

There are 3 designs available: Jeans Recycled Canvas in a plain color with a Faded Jeans effect, as well as two prints, Jeans Recycled Canvas Print, with the same characteristics as the first, but with two different illustrations. Jeans Recycled Canvas Print Geo Jeans with a maxi flower print and Jeans Recycled Canvas Print Battik with an ethnic design.

Canvas Slim

Thin, 100% cotton canvas fabric with two different prints, in soft green and coral tones. Canvas Slim Boho Flowers with a floral print and Canvas Slim Boho Abstract with abstract designs.

Step-by-step instructions to sew a cushion cover without a zipper

Sewing these cushion covers is really easy because the back of the cushion features an envelope closure, so there is no need to use a zipper.

👉 Take note of the materials you need:

  • Canvas fabric for the cushion cover
  • Cushion stuffing
  • Scissors
  • Pins
  • Iron
  • Thread
  • Sewing machine

Cut the cover piece

  1. To make the cushion cover, you need to cut double the size of the cushion stuffing + 16 cm. Leave a seam allowance on both sides for the side seams.
  2. Make a 1-cm double hem at both ends of the fabric. Use the iron to make it easier to sew.
  3. Place the right sides of the fabric facing each other so they overlap 14 cm.
  4. Pin the sides and sew them. Backstitch to stop it from unraveling.
  5. You are ready to turn your cover inside out, so the right side is on the outside.
  6. Stuff the cushion. Your cushion cover is ready to enjoy!

We hope that you have enjoyed this simple tutorial and that you will put it into practice, we want to see your terrace, balcony, or garden full of Katia Fabrics. You can share your cushion covers without a zipper on our social media using the #katiafabrics hashtag.

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