Celebrate Valentine’s Day with a very special picnic and learn how to sew a sandwich bag with the new plastic food fabric

This year we suggest you celebrate Valentine’s Day with those you love the most by surprising them with an original picnic made by you. Create some original sandwich bags yourself. With the new plastic food fabric, you can sew bags for snacks, coolers or lunch boxes, and many types of food packaging. Learn with our free pattern and a step-by-step video tutorial “how to sew it in less than 30 minutes”. An easy and very practical project. No more using aluminum foil or plastic wrap for your snacks and sandwiches every day.

Perfect for a picnic day or for your little ones’ snack!

How to sew a sandwich bag

We will show you everything you need to know to sew this project so fast to carry out. The main element is the new food plastic fabric or Eat & Sew, 100% EVA and BPA free. Its waterproof effect makes it very comfortable to use and very easy to clean (with a cloth or on the washing machine up to 40º). You can combine cheerful prints of our waterproof fabrics with plain poplin and create very original and fun combinations.

TIP: If you want the seams to not show through, add another layer of fabric (plain cotton poplin) as you can see in the video.

sandwich bag tutorial


The materials you will need to carry out this food wrapping project are:

plastic food fabric


Before starting, we give you a series of recommendations:

  • Remember to use a universal needle, thickness: 80/90
  • Check that all the pieces are well cut and fasten correctly to avoid having to unsew.
  • The pins and needles of the sewing machine leave a mark on fabric that cannot be removed later on food plastic.


Cutting and Sewing

Watch the free video tutorial to make it and follow each step carefully for a result of 10. The pattern comes with the included 1 cm seam on all contours.

1- Start by cutting all the pieces: Exterior: 1 time. Lining 1 time. Food plastic 1 time.

2- Make the folds in the strip piece and place a 12 cm piece of the rough part of the Velcro. Hold and sew.

3- Center the 20 cm soft Velcro strip on the right side of the outer fabric and secure it with a few stitches.

4- If you are going to use the lining layer, place it below the food plastic.

5- Face right against right fabric exterior and food plastic.

6- Sew the entire contour except for an opening of about 10 cm to turn around.

7- Put the piece on the right side, pull out the corners well, iron and sew a stitch around the contour at 2-3 mm.

plastic food fabric

You have your snack holder ready to use again and again. We hope you liked this tutorial and are encouraged to try different and unique fabrics like the new EAT & SEW.


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