Triangular shawl with cabled diamonds knit with Silky Lace by @berniolie for Premium Designers

26 October, 2021

If you are looking for an elegant accessory for a special occasion, the Yrsa Shawl by @berniolie is the perfect design. Bernadette Ambergen suggests knitting a truly enchanting triangular shawl with cabled diamonds. Take note! Because you only need 5 balls of Silky Lace in your favorite color to knit this beautiful bottom-up shawl. Enjoy this new exclusive Premium Designers pattern, and many more, available as a PDF download on your phone, tablet and computer at

Triangular shawl with cabled diamonds

Triangular shawl with cabled diamonds

Do you want to know more about the Yrsa Shawl by @berniolie? Here are some of the details that make this triangular shawl with cabled diamonds so special:

  • Pattern: knit flat, with a bottom-up construction.
  • Level: intermediate.
  • Measurements: 76 cm/30” long, 230 cm/90” wide.
  • Materials: Katia Concept Silky Lace 5 balls in color 170 and 3-mm/US 2.5 needles.

We invite you to find out more about the creator behind this knitting design. Carry on reading and get to know @berniolie, a Dutch knitter specialized in creating unique knitting and crochet shawls.

Triangular shawl with cabled diamonds

Bernadette Ambergen | @berniolie

Hello, I am Bernadette Ambergen and I live in the small town of Coevorden, where I was born, in the Netherlands. At the age of 18 I moved to Groningen, where I spent 25 years studying and working. There I studied to be a teacher in creative techniques and worked as a seamstress, costume designer and bookkeeper at a circus.

In 2010 I started as a knitting and crochet designer, and I am still very happy with this step! I love being able to knit and crochet, and I find inspiration in both techniques, so that I constantly learn new things and develop.

I also find my inspiration in beautiful yarns, materials and colors. Who knows what the future holds, what I will learn and which techniques? Hopefully my patterns inspire others to learn new things and to find joy in the creations they make.

Triangular shawl with cabled diamonds