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Lace Knit shawl by Valentinasknits: Knit this diamond and flower design with only one ball of Silk Degradé

openswork shawl

Hey… we want to share a secret with you… Valentina Bogdanova from @valentinasknits believes that every woman has a small secret. Furthermore, this Russian knitter based in Austria affirms that we all have a little mysterious something that makes us special. Just like her spectacular lace knit Shawl Taina, which literally means “secret” in Russian? For this reason, Valentina is proposing a sumptuous design inspired by diamonds and flowers. Discover the enigmatic colour range and the delicate lace stitches hidden within this feminine triangular knit shawl. And of course, enjoy the sensational silk whilst you knit the Tiana Shawl with only one ball of Silk…

Neon Sky Blanket by Xamalo85: Vibrant colours, softness and diamond stitch to put you in a good mood

Neon Sky Blanket

They say that colour can influence your mood, which is why we want to brighten up your day by sharing the Neon Sky Blanket knitting pattern by Ana Martín (@Xamalo85) with you. In addition to the vibrant colour, the soft enveloping Winter Washi Plus fabric also puts you in a good mood. Furthermore, we can add the relaxation generated by knitting the diamond stitch to the rich colours and pleasant touch. Once knitted, discover how each detail makes this blanket a practical and versatile piece. The Neon Sky blanket is the ideal companion for your car journeys, picnics in the…