Socks Lovers United e-book: Discover the magic of knitting socks with colorwork, bobbles, lace motifs…

2 November, 2021

Learn sock knitting techniques, create colorwork designs, play with bobbles, combine colors of Katia United Socks, knit suggestive lace, etc. Discover why so many knitters are part of the sock knitting community. In Socks Lovers United, this digital publication available only at, we bring together 4 real Sock Lovers: @loareknits, @knittingtheskyline, @sionaland and @stine_und_stitch. The Socks Lovers United e-book contains 8 sock patterns that are perfect for any occasion: Belardi, Cozy Diamond, Dots Fun, Yoga Drishti, Pequeños Corazones, Yedra, Rosa and Blau-Grüne. Without a doubt, once you wear socks handmade by you, you´re officially a member of Socks Lovers United. By the way, would you like to win a pack of United Socks balls? Here’s how you can participate in the special launch giveaway at the end of this post…

Socks Lovers United e-book

Socks Lovers United e-book

Download the Socks Lovers United PDF to knit and crochet socks with modern, attractive designs full of personality. Discover the versatility, creativity and magic of making socks. Made with United Socks yarn, you can use the color combination you like the most, thanks to its wide color range. 

Socks Lovers United e-book

Belardi jacquard socks

Belardi means field in Basque and “I was inspired to create the motif for these socks by fields full of wildflowers”. @loareknits is Erika López, a scientist by day and knitter in her spare time. For her, knitting is meditation, her time-out. 

knitting is meditation

Less is more: find beauty in the little things

Cozy Diamond crochet socks

Cozy Diamond are sexy knee-high crochet socks, perfect to keep you —stylishly— warm at home during the cooler months. @knittingtheskyline is Lucía Cabrera, a talented and all-round maker from Madrid who dares to try everything: amigurumi, knitting, crochet, macramé

knee-high crochet socks

The satisfaction of making your own socks is priceless

Fun Dots bobble stitch socks

Fun Dots are simple crochet socks perfect to wear year-round@knittingtheskyline makes simple, youthful, and fresh designs like Fun Dots: a fun pattern with basic stitches and bobble stitch. Wear modern crochet socks with your favorite sneakers!

bobble stitch socks

Grab your crochet hook and feel the power of simplicity

Yoga socks with no heel or toe

Yoga Drishti are yoga socks, with no heel or toe, created by Siona in a monochrome lace design with United Socks@sionaland suggests “waking up each morning with a yoga session, your Yoga Drishti socks, stretching your spine and feeling ready to face the day”.

Yoga socks with no heel or toe

Improve your concentration by observing your hand-knit socks

Pequeños Corazones short socks

Pequeños Corazones are short socks with a heart motif that you can knit using colorwork or double stitch. Siona suggests an ankle sock design for your afternoons knitting on the sofa, watching your favorite series under a blanket”. Take care of your feet!

short socks with a heart motif

Socks are the perfect knitting project to take anywhere

Yedra long socks with lace motif

Yedra are beautiful long monochrome socks with a romantic lace motif that “you can wear with your favorite look to go out for dinner and drinks with your favorite people”. @sionaland shows you how to knit beautiful socks in the round, from the toe to the ribbing. See how your sock knowledge grows with this pattern, just like ivy!

long socks with lace motif

Do you want to grow as a knitter? Knit socks!

Rosa socks with triangle and stripe motifs

Rosa is a sock design created by Kerstin Balke “for beginner colorwork knitters”. @stine_und_stitch suggests a triangle and stripe motifs pattern in a sweet color combination in fuchsia, pink, white and gray.

socks with triangle and stripe motifs

Triangles, stripes, diamonds, zigzags… Combine them and create unique socks

Blau-Grüne small colorwork motifs socks

Blau-Grüne is a pattern including small elements such as crosses, zigzags and diamonds that are alternated and give the socks a Scandinavian look. @stine_und_stitch features designs consisting of several colors: “If you prefer a less colorful design, you can knit these socks in different tones of gray and white”.

crosses, zigzags and diamonds

Small colorwork details create great sock designs

Listen up! Special launch giveaway

As a result of buying the Socks Lovers United e-book by November 15, 2021, through, you will be automatically entered into the giveaway of a special Socks Lovers pack. Take note then: This pack includes 20 balls of United Socks, a Dear yarn, I’m ready notions bag, stitch markers, scissors, and a keyring with crochet hooks. In others words, if you’re passionate about socks, enjoy this carefully curated digital book and make the most of the chance to win a special United Socks pack!

Socks Lovers United e-book

Giveaway rules

  • The giveaway is open to residents of the European Union, the United Kingdom and Mexico.
  • Then, purchase the e-book through by November 15, 2021, 23:59 h (UTC +2).
  • A giveaway app will select the name of the winner, consequently it will be published on this post on November 17, 2021.
  • Likewise, we will contact the winner through the email associated to their user on

United Socks Pack winner

And, the winner is Marta Bassanetti. Congratulations! We hope that this is the start of numerous projects with United Socks. To everybody else, good luck next time, because yes, we are already thinking about new giveaways having lots of fun and competitions involving knitting and crocheting. Thanks to everybody for participating!