2023 Santa Pazienzia Challenge ☀️ Crochet summer dress with step-by-step videos and free pattern 

Autor: Katia
23 May, 2023

If you love crochet, you must join the 2023 Challenge by Santa Pazienzia and Katia! For this challenge, we´re going to make a crochet summer dress through 3 step-by-step video tutorials and the free pattern with charts. With her new Saona dress design, Estefa of @santapazienzia combines granny squares in multicolor Katia Fair Cotton Granny and Katia Fair Cotton in plain colors. The result is a cool and comfortable garment, perfect to wear to the beach or on holiday. 

Step-by-step crochet summer dress 

The Saona dress is a garment you’ll fall in love with at first sight. With its granny square design and low armholes, it’s perfect to wear over your swimming costume and enjoy the sea or the pool in style. It is also made using Katia Fair Cotton Granny and Katia Fair Cotton, which bring this multicolor dress to life without needing to cut and weave in ends constantly. 

Katia & Santa Pazienzia Set 

Get ready to make yourself your own crochet summer dress step-by-step! You just need a Katia & Santa Pazienzia Set with 2 balls of Katia Fair Cotton Granny and 4 balls of Katia Fair Cotton —in 2 assorted colors— to wear your Saona dress in size S/M or L/XL. Complete your set with a couple of 3 and 3.5-mm crochet hooks, scissors, tapestry needle and our stitch markers. 

Color combinations 

Go to katia.com or visit your trusted yarn store to get your set in your favorite color combination. Here, we suggest 8 color combinations of Fair Cotton Granny and Fair Cotton to help you customize your Saona dress! 

colores fair cotton granny


Free pattern with 3 videos 

Are you up for a crochet challenge? Follow the instructions by Estefa @santapazienzia and learn how to make an easy granny square dress! As well as having the free pattern with charts and step-by-step videos created by Santa Pazienzia, you can ask questions in our Crochet-Along Katia Facebook group. Once you download the pattern at katia.com, you can easily access the following 3 video tutorials by clicking the VIDEO buttons included in the PDF: 

1 | How to make the granny square from the Saona dress by Santa Pazienzia 

Learn how to make the basic granny square from the Saona dress with this step-by-step tutorial. Learn how to create this beautiful multicolor pattern with Katia Fair Cotton Granny yarn. 

2 | How to join the granny squares from the Saona dress by Santa Pazienzia 

In this tutorial, Estefa shows you how to join the granny squares from the Saona dress. Learn how to put together the different pieces to create an amazing crochet summer dress. 

3 | How to make the straps and finishes from the Saona dress by Santa Pazienzia 

To complete the Saona dress, follow this tutorial to make the straps and finishes. Learn how to customize your dress with different finishing options to achieve the perfect look. 

🌐 Instructions and subtitles in 6 languages 

The videos will be narrated in Spanish by Estefa, and include subtitles in 6 languages: English, Spanish, French, Dutch, German, and Italian. Therefore, the instructions and subtitles are available in 6 languages to easily make this project. To turn on the subtitles on YouTube: 

  1. Click on the Subtitles icon to activate this tool.
  2. Next, click on the Settings ⚙️ icon (right next to it).
  3. Click on Subtitles and then English.

 📱 On your phone, turn on the subtitles by clicking on the three dots in the top right-hand corner and then click on Subtitles. 

vestido de playa granny squares

Lastly, we invite you to share both your progress and result on Instagram with @santapazienzia and @katiayarns using the hashtag #SaonaSP. Welcome summer with a 100% YOU granny square dress!