4 Summer 2019 Hand Made Knit and Crochet Fashion Trends: stripes, oversize, asymmetry and simple details

5 June, 2019

summer trends 2019

Knitting and crocheting are in fashion again this summer. In fact, you can find them on the catwalks of important international brands such as Chloé, Oscar de la Renta or Sonia Rykiel. Additionally, we spotted some delicate macramé details on the Ports 1961 catwalk. But, what are the trends in the hand made knitting and crocheting world? We’ve already talked about the openwork eyelet stitches knitted with two needles, the key technique for this season. But Katia offers much more! Stripes, oversize, asymmetry and simple details are our 4 summer 2019 Knitting and Crocheting Trends. Discover the personality of pullovers with stripes, the comfort of oversize ponchos, the elegance of asymmetric designs and the relevance of small details.

summer trends 2019

Timeless stripes

Striped sweaters are classic items always present in fashion. As a consequence, you’ll find an infinity of knit and crochet models featuring striped designs in our Katia magazines. Hence, in this selection we propose three easy knit patterns. First, a wide tricolour knitted sweatersailor style – which you can knit with Katia Panama, Mississippi-3 or Capri.

stripes pullover stripes pullover

We continue with this elegant jersey knitted on two needles using 5 balls of Katia Polynesia (size M). Finally, if you prefer a less classic look, knit this lightweight eyelet stitch pullover with side slits using Katia Missouri.

stripes pullover

The comfort of ponchos

Ponchos are back in a big way this summer. As a result, Katia has knit and crochet patterns for all tastes. Play with the Katia Cotton-Alpaca colours and the textures of this vertical stripes poncho. For a completely different look, this intriguing long eyelet stitch poncho is ideal for cooler summer nights.

stripes poncho eyelet stitch poncho

Next, for crochet lovers, we propose a youthful oversize poncho made with 5 balls of Katia Cotton 100% (size M). Moreover, we also encourage you to download the free pattern to make this triangular crochet poncho using only one ball of Katia Silk Degradé.

crochet poncho

The beauty of asymmetry

Usually, symmetry is synonymous with harmony and perfection. But these asymmetric designs are proof that the lack of symmetry can also be beautiful. Such as this bi-colour V-neck jersey knitted with 4 balls of Katia Polynesia (size M).

bi-colour top asymmetry dress

Get your needles and 8 balls of Gatsby ready to knit this spectacular long top with open shoulders and side slits (size M). Once again, we are gifting you a free pattern: this short sleeve summer jumper is knitted with 2 balls of Katia Bahamas multicoloured cotton yarn.

asymmetry top

Details that make a difference

We end this Summer 2019 Hand Knit and Crochet Fashion Trends special by highlighting the value of small details. There is no doubt that every detail makes the difference between a basic garment and a truly unique one. Like, for example, this elegant sleeveless jersey with a simple fantasy stitch at the shoulders and sides. Furthermore, this model is made with only 6 balls of Katia Cotton-Yak  (sizes M and L). In addition, here is another short sleeve jumper with a wonderful detail: two knitted cables, on the sleeves and the neckline edge, made from Katia Duomo.

stripes stitch jersey

Finally, what do you think about this exquisite knitted jacket made from Katia Linen? Knit this classic linen and cotton garment, with an updated look thanks to its elegant eyelet stitch pattern.

eyelet stitch jacket