Celebrate World Knit in Public Day with the ‘Be Yarner, My Friend’ Maxi Bag by Alimaravillas

We want to celebrate World Knit in Public Day with you on the 8th of June. So, we are encouraging you to get out with your projects in hand and proudly show off your knit and crochet creations. And, as you are definitely going to want to take as many of your projects with you as possible, we have the perfect Maxi Bag for this event! Because in addition to its large dimensions, its design also sends out a loud and clear message to the world: Be Yarner, My Friend! Once again, we can count on the ingenious Alimaravillas to complete the Be Yarner accessories collection. Together with the yarn carrier-bag, the accessory cases and the project belt; we are adding a free pattern showing how to make this eye-catching tote type crochet Maxi Bag to the group.

crochet maxi bag

Be Yarner, My Friend Maxi Bag

A true Yarner always needs a lot of space… Why? Well, to carry all our balls of yarn and projects with us absolutely anywhere and everywhere, of course. The Be Yarner, My Friend Maxi Bag is your best friend. In fact, it’s the perfect companion. Moreover, you will always find room for an extra ball of yarn, or even as many as 10. Put it to the test!”

crochet maxi bag crochet maxi bag

“This bag is designed so it can be adapted to different shapes thereby covering all your yarn requirements. Leave the straps long for an oversizelook; and shorten them when you want to secure a big pile of yarns safely inside. Furthermore, you can use the tie closure to create a sack effect that is totally different from other tote bags out there. Lastly, try gathering up the opening to give another silhouette to this versatile accessory. In short, do whatever you want with it because this Maxi Bag can take anything!”. @alimaravillas

crochet maxi bag

World Knit in Public Day Events

Katia is collaborating in numerous events organised by yarn stores to celebrate World Knit in Public Day. Hence, we encourage you to take part in them! And share your love of knit and crochet with other knitters and crocheters. Find the shops that are celebrating World Wide Knit in Public Day 2019 in the Katia Shops section on our website. And don’t hesitate to contact or visit the shops to find out about meeting places, timetables and activities being held throughout the day. Knit, crochet and above all, Be Yarner, My Friend

crochet maxi bag

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