Your sewing projects: Get inspired with our Creative room V

Here at Katia Fabrics there is a lot of excitement. We have already launched our third collection and every day there are more and more people who want to sew. In fact, on social networks we find new sewing projects made with our fabrics and sewing patterns every day. There is a lot of creativity out there, and it takes shape thanks to these special fabrics, a sewing machine and your personal touch.

We present Creative room V, a platform where you can check out a selection of the sewing projects you have made over the past few months.

You will discover a selection of light, seasonal fabrics and sewing patterns ideal for this new spring-summer season. There are lots of dresses, tops and blouses accompanied by a large variety of bags, rucksacks and accessories. Not forgetting all the baby projects which include both clothing and accessories.

sewing projects

Your sewing projects

Let’s start with a project you have already made this season using one of our new fabrics, the summer sweat. And as expected, we have found all types of different sweat tops, both with and without a hood. For example, @la_bulle_de_chelsie has sewn a beautiful bomber jacket.

fabrics summer sweat bomber

Additionally, we have also fallen in love with various garments made with fabrics from our Australia collection:

australia collection
@rossittaparis @lidiafraguas @aennisews


Our Fabrics Lover Monica took part in the Run & Play Project competition and presented a beautiful collection, in her second week, made from our denim fabric. Three gorgeous kid’s garments, each one more beautiful than the next, with an exquisite attention to detail. See the wonderful combination she has made using the right and wrong sides of the denim fabrics.

mamemimo denim sewing projects

As regards to baby garments and accessories, we found so many things and we can only show you a small selection here. As a result, we invite you to search for further inspiration using the hashtag #kaktiafabrics.

baby sewing projects
@25metrosdebies @xeniabj @unevieboaime

Handbags, rucksacks, carry all bags, weekend bags, toiletry bags, etc… lots of accessories sewn with the canvas fabric. These are original designs full of colour so you can make an impact this summer.

sewing projects like bags
@deveney093 @beatricehandmadebags @mtl_yogagirl

Lastly we feature dresses, a must for the summer season, in a variety of styles and print designs. Look these lovely ones.

sewing projects dress
@nt.par.nasha @xeniabj @nt.par.nasha


>Miscelanea DIY: DIY DRESS | How to make a very easy dress for a girl

            Denim: Blue Japan

girl dress denim tutorial

>Miscelanea DIY: DIY ROMPER | How to make a girl romper with a ruffle on the back

          Jersey: Little Indian Feather

girl romper jersey

Creations #katiafabrics

If you want to see creations and continue to be inspired, you can stop by our CREATIVE IV, CREATIVE III, CREATIVE II and


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