Strappy top crochet pattern ☀️ Vento d´Estate by @polveredicolor

11 July, 2023

Feel the soft breeze of creativity in the Vento d’Estate Top designed by Nancy Miscioscia @polveredicolor. This summer, keep cool in this strappy top crochet pattern and some balls of Dama by Concept by Katia. Whether for an informal day trip or an elegant evening out, Vento d’Estate adapts to your style and highlights your creative personality. 


Strappy top crochet pattern 

Dare to crochet the Vento d’Estate top by @polveredicolor! Nancy shares how to make this cool top seamlessly, from side to side, with a horizontal construction. Undoubtedly, this strappy top crochet pattern stands out thanks to the vertical lines created by combining brioche stitch and spike stitch. As well as applying short rows, choose your favorite color of Dama by Concept by Katia and follow this detailed tutorial with chart and video. 

Vento d’Estate by @polveredicolore 

I’m Nancy Miscioscia, also known as @polveredicolore, an architect who is passionate about crochet. As a child, I used to admire my grandmother Nunzia do crochet filet with delicate white threads. As I grew up, I looked for the warmth those memories of learning crochet provided and taught myself.

For me, crochet is more than a technique, it’s a mantra that helps me relax and makes me feel good. I’m always evolving, exploring new techniques and stitches, and I enjoy playing with different yarns. What brings me most joy is seeing how my ideas take shape through the magic of crochet. Now, I share my passion through my designs, like this fascinating Vento d’Estate Top, which is elegant, cool, and lightweight all in a single garment. 

Strappy top crochet pattern 

Level. Intermediate 

Sizes or Measurements. Woman: M/L 

  • Width: 48 cm 
  • Length: 46 cm 

Gauge Using G6/4-mm crochet hook, following chart 1: 14 sts x 10 rs = 10 x 10 cm or 4 x 4” 


Dama by Concept by Katia color87 (khaki):4 balls 

US G6/4-mm crochet hook 

Tapestry needle 


Stitches and techniques 


Spike stitch 1 

*Insert the hook into the back loop of stitch, yarn over and pull through stitch, ch1, tension yarn and keep ch on hook*, rep ** until you have worked all the spike stitches 1 of the row, drop all loops from hook. There will be 1 loop per stitch. On the next row, these loops are worked as stitches. 

Spike stitch 2 

Insert the hook into the back loop of stitch, yarn over and pull through stitch, ch1, tension yarn, ch1, lengthen that loop 1 cm and keep on hook. When you have many loops on the hook, drop them, insert the hook into the last 2 loops you’ve worked and continue working the spike stitches 2 indicated in the row in this way. There will be 1 long loop per stitch. On the next row, these loops are worked as stitches. 

Closing half double crochet 

Yarn over, insert hook into back loop of stitch, yarn over and pull through stitch and all loops on hook. When you work over the spike stitches, insert hook into the only loop of stitch. 

Brioche stitch or slip stitch through the back loop 

Work 1 slip stitch inserting the hook into the back loop of the stitch. 

Slip stitch to close short rows 

Insert the hook into the chain up of the row indicated in chart 1 and the back loop of the stitch below, yarn over and pull through 3 loops on hook. 

Slip stitch join 

Place both sides that need joining facing each other. * Insert the crochet hook through loop of stitch on one of the sides, insert hook through loop of stitch on the other side, yarn over and pull through both loops of both stitches*, repeat ** to end of join. 

How to make a seamless top 

This top is worked seamlessly flat, using the short row technique to shape the top of the garment. Start on one side of the body and work horizontally until the end. Lastly, join the straps and the side. 


blo – back loop only 

ch – chain 

R and r(s) – row(s) 

rep – repeat 

sl st – slip stitch 

st(s) – stitch(es) 


  • To achieve the perfect result, make sure to count the stitches in each row. 
  • The chain up at the end of each row doesn’t count as a stitch. Work the chains used to close the short rows loosely; work the rest more tightly. 
  • Read the chart from right to left on odd rows and from left to right on even rows, from bottom to top. Odd rows correspond to the right side of the work. 
  • When working the chain up at the end of the row, turn the work counterclockwise, the yarn must always be at the back of the work. 

Strappy top crochet pattern 

Starting chain 

Using the G6/4-mm crochet hook and Dama by Concept by Katia color 87 (khaki), ch70 + ch1 up. 

R1-70: work following chart 1. 

Follow this video to not miss a single stitch. 

R71-138: rep R3-70 of chart 1. 

Cut yarn and pull through st. 


Seam the side with a slip stitch join from the hem of the top to the armhole. Sew the straps. 

Finally, weave in the ends and block. 

Washing and blocking the garment 

This type of garment needs a good blocking to even out the stitches and define the design. So, wash your strappy top with mild detergent, gently squeeze it out, lay it out on a towel and roll it to remove the excess water. Lay the top out flat, pin out the shape and leave to dry. 

Strappy top crochet pattern 

Any questions? If you have any comments, questions, or problems with the pattern, write to @polveredicolor. Nancy will be happy to help you! 

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