How to make a boho style macramé curtain: follow the complete tutorial by @buyi.macrameart

Macramé curtains are back with a bang as a vintage and Bohemian-inspired décor idea for the home. Without a doubt, they are a practical element, since they can work beyond windows. For example, they can be used as curtains for doors or to divide spaces within the home:  terraces, bedrooms, kitchens, etc. Do you want to learn how to make a macramé curtain? Follow the tutorial by @buyi.macrameart, a real Macramé Lover, with full step-by-step instructions, and learn how to make the Bianca curtain. Feel the joy of tying each knot with your own hands. María Eugenia from BUYI Macramé Art shares each step with photos and videos of the knots used. Discover that making a macramé curtain is easier than it seems. You just need 4 bobbins of Macramé Cord to show off a new curtain!

How to make a macramé curtain

Discover BUYI Macramé Art

My name is María Eugenia, but my nickname has always been BUYI, which is where the name of my brand comes from. I’m a mother of two boys and a girl who rekindled my passion for macramé, which I learned when I was 10 years old. I’m inspired by nature, natural décor with boho and rustic vibes. I use natural fibers such as cotton, linen, jute and raffia to lend each piece I design and make that simplicity and authenticity. My goal: to deliver a unique and exclusive result to each person that believes in my work. I make macramé because, for me, being able to create a piece with just my hands and cords, without any tools, has an extraordinary value. I also feel like it is a way to meditate in motion, because it requires my full concentration. It gives me inner balance that results in limitless creativity.

How to make a macramé curtain

As well as designing, I do in-person workshops where I have the privilege of meeting people who know nothing about macramé and who leave with a finished piece. Both the result and the time spent together are really gratifying. Each group is a beautiful challenge and friendships remain. For me, it is an incredible experience to help more people learn this ancient technique. So, I encourage you to make this macramé curtain following the simple steps I explain in the pattern. You’ll learn several macramé knots, a few more than the basics, and you will be able to use them for this project and any future projects you dream of. I’m here to solve any questions, guide you throughout the process and whatever you need to finish your work of art. Tie the knot!

How to make a macramé curtain

How to make a macramé curtain


90 cm wide and 2 m high.


Videos of the knots used

LHK · Lark’s Head Knot

SK · Square Knot

ASK · Alternating Square Knot

RDDHHK · Right Diagonal Double Half Hitch Knot

LDDHHK · Left Diagonal Double Half Hitch Knot

TK · Twisted Knot

SBK · Square Button Knot

BK · Blood Knot


/\ · Top Vertex

\/ · Bottom Vertex

◇ · Diamond

> < · Half Diamond

How to make a macramé curtain

Bianca curtain by @buyi.macrameart

Note: cut 68 cords measuring 6 m each, placing adhesive tape on the ends before cutting.

1: fold the cords in half and place them on the baton with LHK.

nudo alondra

2: work a row of 34 SKs.

nudo plano

3: leaving the first and last 2 cords loose, SK until the end of the row.

como hacer nudo plano macramé

4: repeat STEP 2, working 2 SKs together (one under the other).

nudo plano doble

5: leaving the first and last 2 cords loose, work (4 SKs in a column and 1 ASK on the next 4 cords) until the end of the row.

nudo plano en columna

6: repeat STEP 4.

7: repeat STEP 3.

8: leaving the first and last 4 cords loose, SK until the end of the row.

9: leaving the first and last 6 cords loose, (work 3 SKs, leave 4 cords loose), repeat until the last 6 cords.

10: leaving the first and last 8 cords loose, (work 2 SKs, leave 8 cords loose), repeat until the last 8 cords.

11: leaving the first and last 10 cords loose, (work 1 SK, leave 12 cords loose), repeat until the last 10 cords. Making 8 vertexes/corners.

triángulos de macramé

Separate into groups

12: separate into 8 groups as follows:

  •   Groups 1 and 8 consisting of 20 cords.
  •   Groups 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 consisting of 16 cords.

nudo diagonal macramé

Work each group as follows:

  •  With cord no. 1 as a guide, work RDDHHK. (Triangle 1).
  •  With cord no. 21 as a guide, work LDDHHK. (Triangle 1).
  •  With cord no. 20 as a guide, work RDDHHK. (Triangle 2).
  •  With cord no. 37 as a guide, work LDDHHK. (Triangle 2).
  •  With cord no. 36 as a guide, work RDDHHK. (Triangle 3).
  •  With cord no. 53 as a guide, work LDDHHK. (Triangle 3).

Repeat until you make 8 triangles with the 8 groups.

Join the guides at the bottom vertexes with a diagonal half hitch between them.

nudo diagonal macramé

13: work TK with the first 4 cords, 20 times.

Work TK on the next 7 top vertexes, 15 times.

Work TK with the last 4 cords, 20 times.

nudo retorcido

14: work 1 SBK on the 8 bottom vertexes.

Nudo Botón Cuadrado

15: from the SBK, take 2 center cords as guides and work a LDDHHK with one and a RDDHHK with the other, repeat STEP 12 in each SBK until you have 7 diamonds and 2 half diamonds on each end of the curtain.

Nudo Diagonal

16: close the diagonal knots with 1 SK with the 4 cords of the bottom vertex.

Underneath, work 2 SKs and repeat 1 SK making a small diamond.

Close the ends with 2 SKs.

17: work BKs distributed along the cords.

Finally, at 2 m, work BK on the end of each cord, and cut.

How to make a macramé curtain

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