7 free sewing patterns to sew accessories with cork fabric

7 July, 2023

Here are 7 free sewing patterns for accessories with cork fabric. Add a natural, sustainable, and unique vibe to your sewing projects such as bags and backpacks. In this post, we’re going to share 7 wonderful sewing patterns in A4 format that you can download for free to make the most of this incredible fabric. Read on and discover the beauty and simplicity of sewing cork!

7 sewing patterns for accessories with cork fabric

Discover Cork by Katia Fabrics: Our new 2023 cork fabric

Cork, is a resistant and sustainable fabric that is easy to sew.

Why is “Cork” such a special fabric?

  1. Unlike other manufactured materials, cork fabric is a 100% biodegradable and natural product.
  2. It’s also a sustainable material, since cork fabric comes from the bark of the cork oak, which isn’t cut down to obtain the bark, and regenerates over the years.
  3. Also, cork is plant-based and durable.
  4. This material is also water-resistant, so it’s easy to clean with soap and water.

Thanks to its versatility, resistance to scratches and stains, this fabric is perfect for making accessories such as backpacksfanny packs, bags, etc.

7 sewing patterns for accessories with cork fabric

7 accessory sewing patterns

Here are 7 sewing patterns to make bags and backpacks with the new cork fabrics and free patterns by Katia Fabrics.

  1. Tote style bag sewing pattern

To start, we encourage you to sew a simple and stylish tote style bag. In this free pattern, we’ll guide you step-by-step to create a fun and practical bag. Download the pattern in A4 format and sew your cork tote bag in an afternoon.

sewing patterns for accessories

  1. Shopper style bag sewing pattern

What better way to try cork fabric than with a shopper bag? With this free pattern, you can make a large cork bag: practical, versatile, and extremely easy to sew.

sewing patterns for accessories

  1. Free pattern to sew an easy bag

Download this free sewing pattern and the step-by-step instructions to sew this simple cork bag. We recommend our print cork fabrics to create a unique and special bag.

  1. Backpack sewing pattern with flap and fastenings

Download our free pattern to sew a large and elegant backpack. Sew it with cork fabric and you’ll have a fashionable accessory that is environmentally friendly. Be amazed by the result!

  1. Basic backpack sewing pattern

Enjoy the experience of sewing something by hand that will be with you on all your adventures. Sew this simple free pattern to make a basic backpack with a cord closure. The perfect pattern for beginners, which is easy to make following our step-by-step instructions included in the A4 PDF download.

  1. Sewing pattern to make a backpack with Velcro fastening

Learn how to sew a backpack with straps following the step-by-step instructions included in this free sewing pattern. Add a small outer pocket with a zipper to your backpack with a simple Velcro fastening. The perfect sewing project to comfortably carry and keep your laptop or tablet protected.

  1. Sewing pattern to sew a cork backpack

Lastly, if you want to learn how to sew a basic backpack with a flap, front pocket and cord fastening, follow this free pattern. Make this sewing pattern with our print cork fabrics from the new 2023 Spring-Summer fabrics collection.

Cork fabric is a fascinating option for those looking to experiment with new sewing materials. These 7 sewing patterns for accessories are just the first of the infinite possibilities that this cork fabric offers. We encourage you to download them, let your creativity run wild and let cork add a natural and sustainable vibe to your sewing projects.

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