Learn how to sew a drawstring backpack with bunny ears 🐰 Step-by-step video tutorial

Autor: Katia Fabrics
17 March, 2023

Are you looking for a sewing project to make this Easter? We have the perfect project for you, a drawstring backpack in the shape of a rabbit. This bag with bunny legs, tail and ears is perfect for an Easter egg hunt. We’ve used muslin fabric in orange with a carrot print. Learn how to sew this bunny-shaped fabric backpack in an afternoon following the step-by-step video tutorial. An easy and very practical project. It’s the perfect accessory for an Easter egg hunt. Although it’ll become a favorite with your little ones not only for Easter, but also to carry a snack to the park or on a day out.

drawstring backpack

How to sew a bunny-shaped drawstring backpack

To make this project, we’ve used Carrots muslin. An incredibly soft 100% cotton fabric with a fun carrot print on an orange background. This double-layered fabric is perfect for baby and children’s garments and accessories. Its wrinkled effect grants it a special rustic appearance. We’ve also used the same fabric, but in a plain white color for the lining and rabbit details, like the inside of the ears, legs, and tail.

drawstring backpack


The materials you will need to make this bunny-shaped bag project are:

  • 40 cm of muslin fabric with a carrot print.
  • 40 cm of white muslin.
  • 3 m of cord.


Before starting to sew, here are some recommendations:

  • Wash your fabrics before starting the project to avoid shrinking later on.
  • Remember to use a Universal needle, size: 80/90
  • Make sure that all the pieces are correctly cut and pinned to avoid seam ripping.

Pattern cutting to sew a drawstring backpack

Take a look at the free video tutorial to make it and carefully follow each step to achieve an excellent result. The exact measurements of each piece of the backpack are included in the video.

Cutting the pieces of the drawstring backpack

  1. Cut 4 pieces measuring 30 x 40 cm long. 2 pieces of print fabric and 2 pieces of white muslin for the lining.
  2. Also cut out the pieces that make up the rabbit: ears, legs and tail.
  3. Cut 2 strips of fabric measuring 4 cm x 7 cm.
  4. As well as 2 pieces measuring 30 x 6 cm.

How to sew the backpack

  1. Next, sew the ears and the legs. With right sides facing each other, sew along the edge of the fabric using a straight stitch, leaving the straight section unsewn to turn it around. Turn the ear, iron it and sew the opening. Do the same with the other ear and 2 legs.
  2. Before sewing the backpack, fold the two strips measuring 4 x 7 cm as if they were bias tape and sew a straight stitch along the length of them.
  3. Place both outer fabric pieces with right sides facing each other, and place the two strips you’ve just sewn in between the fabric pieces, at the bottom corners. At the bottom edge, place both legs centered. Sew along the contour leaving the top unsewn.
  4. Place the lining fabrics with right sides facing each other and sew along the contour without sewing the top.
  5. Turn the bag inside out.
  6. Place the ears centered and sew them to the outside bag.
  7. Insert the outside layer inside the lining, as well as the two pieces measuring 30 x 6 cm folded in half. This will become the piece that we’ll run the cords through. Pin down well and sew along the entire contour without leaving any openings.
  8. Turn the bag inside out, sew the opening and iron it.

drawstring backpack

Sew the bunny tail

  1. To make the tail, run a loose thread along the entire edge of the tail and insert fabric scraps. Pull the thread to close the tail, and finally sew it in place.
  2. Lastly, using a safety pin, insert the cords and your backpack is ready!

Use your drawstring backpack to carry Easter eggs or a snack for your little ones to the park. We hope you’ve enjoyed this tutorial and will try it out with different and unique fabrics like our muslins.

drawstring backpack

Happy Easter!