10 Exclusive Sock Patterns 🧦 Socks Lovers United 3 E-book

19 September, 2023

Jump for joy with the Socks Lovers United 3 e-book! Discover new socks patterns and learn how to create unique socks.  Go on an adventure and join the Socks Lovers community to explore knitting and crochet techniques, combine textures and colors with Katia United Socks and be inspired by 10 wonderful European designers.

Sock patterns e-book

Attention, Socks Lover 

Would you like to see one of your sock designs published in the next Socks Lovers United 4 e-book? So, read on to find out EVERYTHING about our 2023/2024 Katia United Socks Designers call. Here’s how you can participate in at the end of this post…

Sock Designers call

10 sock patterns  

Get ready to have fun and feel the love for socks! From the comfort of your home, feel the joy rise from your feet with each stitch in these 10 sock designs. Explore the world of socks with 10 exclusive designs by European designers.

🌍 Find Socks Lovers United 3 E-book in English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Dutch, Danish and Finnish.

Sock patterns e-book

1 | Alkkia bby @puikoillapeltolassa · Finland 

Alkkia is a mountain in Parkano, Hanne Piirainen’s hometown. The Alkkia socks are perfect for a hike in nature: “They fit your foot well and maintain their shape thanks to colorwork, and they brighten your day with their varied color selection.”


  Colorwork knitting sock pattern Katia

2 | Automne en forêt by @lysandrehrd · France 

Automme en forêt is a sock design by Lysandre Hourdin full of color, inspired by the beautiful landscapes of the French Alps.  “I moved here to study Chemistry and I’m really enjoying the warmth my knitwear provides.”


  Colorwork knitting sock pattern Katia

3 |  Autumn Fields by @lottieandalbert · United Kingdom 

Autumn Fields is a colorblock sock design inspired by crisp fall tones beautifully decorated with crochet-as-you-go flowers. Lindsey Newns is the designer behind some of the most popular modern crochet patterns.

Crochet sock pattern Katia


4 | Cable Love by @woolengarden_ · Germany 

Cable Love is a top-down sock design with a double-knit leg for extra warmth and a cabled motif Anja Heumann created for this e-book. “They’re warm and welcoming companions for those cold winter days spent at home.”

Cable sock pattern Katia  

5 | Leo by @pimpamteje · Spain

Leo is a colorful textured sock design by Mónica López @pimpamteje, inspired by eighties fashion. “I learned to knit during that decade, with my grandmother Leonor, so that’s why these socks are named after her.”


Striped sock pattern Katia

6 | Gelus by @zaneteknits · Latvia & United Kingdom

Gelus is a colorwork sock design Zanete Hussain, a Latvian designer who lives in the UK created with Katia United Socks. “My designs combine Latvian culture with contemporary trends, breathing new life into traditional motifs.”


Colorwork knitting sock pattern Katia

7 | Gotiek by @apella.knits · Belgium

Gotiek by Nele Druyts is a beautiful toe-up sock design inspired by the tracery of European Gothic cathedrals. “The lacework looks like the stonework that provide cathedrals with their sense of grandeur and allows the light to shine through thick stone walls.”


Lacework knitting sock pattern Katia

8 | Mismatched Medley by @kroopa.knits · Poland

Mismatched Medley is a fun and modern mismatched sock pattern, created by Karolina Adamczyk. “They are unique, with a different geometric pattern on each sock.”

Colorwork knitting sock pattern Katia

9 | Snowflakes by @birkebolla_strikk · Norway 

Snowflakes is a spectacular sock design by lovely designer Jorun Birkeland, “inspired by the Norwegian winter and all the beautiful snowflakes that fall every year.” Jorun Birkeland is a 60-year-old designer: “I’m a grandmother, so I could be called an Instagranny.”


Colorwork knitting sock pattern Katia

10 | Zajara by @h2o_knits · Sweden 

Design for Call for United Socks Designers 2022/2023

Zajara is a pattern inspired by nature and its beauty. Johanna Hallberg created this design for the first call for Katia United Socks Designers. This handknit gem represents indeed “the meandering movement of flower tendrils that wind between stems and leaves.”


Lacework knitting sock pattern Katia

United Socks Designers needed…

If you are passionate about sock design, and you create your own patterns, so we want to include your talent and creativity in the next Socks Lovers United 4 e-book.

Publish a pattern in our digital magazine

  1. Create a 100% You knitting or crochet sock pattern with balls of Katia United Socks.
  2. Click on the next button to fill out the participation form.


By filling out the form, you accept the rules of participation*.

Take part by sending as many designs as you wish by January 30, 2024.

*Read the full rules of this call here.

Sock Designers call

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