Planned Colour Pooling Tutorial by FräuleinWollwunder: Make a unique crochet hat with only 1 ball of yarn

Hello, my name is Denise Karg and I’m a yarn addict. In fact, I think I’d need more than 150 years to use up my existing stash. In 2014 I started publishing all my crochet projects, yarns and accessories on my blog Fräulein Wollwunder. You can also find me on Instagram and Facebook. Moreover, I upload and share inspirational ideas and new trends every day. I just love trying new ideas! And often wish for more hands so I can crochet all the ideas I have in my head. 😉 As a result, I am sharing this Planned Colour Pooling tutorial with you. It also includes useful tips for working with colour pooling yarns. Furthermore, create pattern effects that go way beyond Argyll diamonds! Go for it and make a unique crochet hat with only 1 ball of Katia Magic Diamonds Flash.

Planned Colour Pooling Tutorial How to crochet the prints

I am a huge Colour Pooling fan! Which is why I was keen to try out Katia Magic Diamonds Flash. I am fascinated by the fact that an awesome diamond print design can be created with a single ball of yarn. However, did you know that you can also crochet different print patterns if you understand how the colour repetition works? Interestingly, you can create totally distinct patterns by experimenting with different stitches, hook sizes and colour sequences. In the Planned Colour Pooling Tutorial, I show you how to do this. Regardless of the fact that I love Magic Diamonds Flash patterns (watch Planned Pooling Crochet Cowl video). I also want to show you how to crochet a youthful beanie using the ideal colour combination for this project.

Planned Colour Pooling Tutorial

Planned Colour Pooling Tutorial

By Denise Karg – FräuleinWollwunder

Materials. 1 ball of Katia Magic Diamonds Flash col. 100, size 7 (U.S.)/(4.5 mm) crochet hook, pom pom (optional), wool sewing needle and scissors.

How to follow the work. Planned pooling works because each repetition has exactly the same colour cycle. Therefore, it is very important to maintain the same stitch tension throughout the work. This beanie is worked in rows of back and forth double crochet. Magic Diamonds Flash comes in 4 colours: therefore you must work exactly 5 double crochet in each colour section. If you only work 4 double crochet, your tension is too loose and you must tighten it. Conversely, if you work 6 double crochet in each colour, your stitch tension is too tight. In either case, you only need to undo the last 5 stitches and repeat using the correct tension.

NOTE: 1 colour cycle = 4 colours x 5 dc in each colour = 20 dc

 crochet hat with only 1 ball of yarn


  • Ch st = Chain st
  • Dc = Double crochet
  • R(s) = Row(s)


Work 75 ch sts + 2 ch sts to raise the work up.

NOTE: The first dc must be worked in a new colour. If not, after completing the 75+2 ch sts, work in ch st until the next colour change. The additional chain sts are not worked. Unravel these chain sts and finish off the loose ends of yarn later on.

R1: 75 dc → [4x 5 dc (= 1 Colour Cycle) + 4x 5 dc + 4x 5 dc + only 3x 5 dc] – 2 ch sts, turn work.

TIP: turn the work without 2 ch sts at the end and work the first dc straight away to make a neat edge and not to “loose” yarn in this colour.

R2-R20: 75 dc → The blocks of 5 dc in the first two colours form a diagonal line of coloured “steps”.

Finish with a slip stitch and cut the yarn leaving a long length to sew with.

how to crochet planned pooling

Join together the shorter sides and sew. The colours are displaced in diagonal “colour steps”. The seam will be at the centre back of the hat.

 crochet hat with only 1 ball of yarn

Lastly, close the upper edge in a star form (see the step by step photos to follow). Insert the sewing needle in the centre from one side to the other and pull the yarn as firmly as possible. Next, always insert the needle from one stitch to the other, just in front, until the hat is firmly closed. Ready!

Planned Colour Pooling Tutorial

Final touch: make a furry pom pom with Katia Polar.

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