Discover 6 patterns to knit with Arles Merino, exclusive French wool of 20-21 microns with centuries of history

Katia Arles Merino is a 20-21 microns yarn from southern France. Therefore, you are discovering an authentic French wool with more than 200 years of history and tradition. We have joined forces with local farmers who are passionate about this exclusive 100% Merino yarn. Enjoy this high-quality yarn made in France, knitting our 6 patterns included in the Arles Merino monographic magazine. This magazine is available as a downloadable PDF in 2 editions: English and Spanish-German-Italian. And it’s also available only as a printed magazine in French-Dutch.

French wool of 20-21 microns

French wool 100% Merino

The Arles merino sheep has been an established breed in this area of France for more than two centuries. Its fleece produces exceptional wool which boasts the highest number of loops, or curls, per centimeter compared to all other wools from around the world. Therefore, this quality is suitable for making garments that are voluminous and lightweight, using only a few balls of Katia Arles Merino. 

patterns to knit

Certificate Merino Wool from Arles

The farmers who we work with respect all processes that guarantee the purity of the breed and the excellence of the wool. As a result, our new Katia Arles Merino has been approved and certified by UPRA, the French organization responsible for the Arles merino breed. 

French wool of 20-21 microns

Knitting patterns magazine

Knitted vests, sweaters, cardigans, and dresses for women and children, perfect to wear with oversized and flowy garments. Get a romantic Bohemian look with the 6 designs published in the special Arles Merino pattern magazine.

Basic models and warm colors

Embrace the warmth and quality of Arles Merino, our exclusive French wool! And travel to the countryside with these knitting projects. Connect with Nature through basic pieces featuring stitch patterns designed to make Arles Merino shine. All presented in a soft color range, with neutral and warm tones. Update your wardrobe and your children’s wardrobe with our suggestions in versatile and cheerful color combinations.

patterns to knit

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