Sewers, knitters and crocheters, take note of our new duffle bag, backpack and mini yarn holder bag patterns

8 November, 2019

Backpacks, handbags, bum bags, duffle bags, sewing boxes, toiletry bags, mini yarn holder bag…. we could go on forever and beyond. It goes without saying that we love accessories. Even more so if they have something to do with sewing, knitting or crocheting.

As a result, we have added 3 more patterns to our collection this season. Moreover, we are showcasing our new fabric Waterproof which we combine with knitted sections made from our yarns.

mini yarn holder bag

We know only too well that our passion for handicrafts inspires us to mix different techniques together. Fabrics and yarns go hand in hand when it’s time to get creative. Therefore, you will find various patterns that combine knit and fabrics in the new autumn winter collection. And furthermore, the results are awesome.

New duffle bag, backpack and mini yarn holder bag patterns

There’s no doubt that you will fall in love with this pattern. This perfect set includes a bag for projects, knitting needles and crochet hooks. In addition, there is a mini yarn carrier pouch with an opening for the yarn to exit whilst you are working. This set is ideal for using at home or when you travel.

mini yarn holder bag
Garden Lanterns poplin fabric

The next pattern is a 3 in 1: backpack, bum bag and neck warmer. You can make the neck warmer with the lovely warm winter sweat fabric. Use poplin, or Waterproof for a more resistant finish, for the other two pieces.

Padded backpack
Retro Cars waterproof fabric

To finish, we have a duffle bag in a combination of fabric and knit. It is a circular shape with a gathered drawstring closure, shoulder strap and knitted base. Moreover, you can make it in any one of our Katia fabrics.

Combined duffle bag Jersey knit Pattern
Wolf Howl poplin fabric


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