Discover how to combine basic fabrics in solid colors such as Jersey, Rustic Cotton, Recycled Canvas, Muslin …

Jersey, Rustic Cotton, Recycled Canvas, Muslin, Soft French Terry … Sew all year round with our basic fabrics in solid colors! Plain fabrics are your greatest ally when creating color combinations. Whether you want to sew a total look garment, in a single color, or if you want to combine it with other printed fabrics. For this reason, we call them basic fabrics, because they are essential in any project of a good seamstress.

Why sew with plain fabrics?

Basic fabrics in solid colors are ideal for patchwork, garment making, accessories, and any other creative sewing endeavor. Do you want to combine different fabrics in your sewing projects? We bring you some examples of basic fabrics from our catalog, timeless and perfect for sewing alone or combined with different prints, do you dare?

How to combine basic fabrics in solid colors

To make beautiful combinations of plain and patterned colors, you need to know a little about color theory to know which ones go best with each other. Especially if we are already mixing two, three, four, or more colors of fabric. To do this, we recommend that you consult the chromatic circle that we explain below:

  • Primary colors. They are the basic colors and cannot be obtained from mixing other colors. They are magenta, yellow and blue. Inside the color wheel, they form the central triangle of
  • Secondary colors. They result from the mixture of two primary colors, are green, orange, and purple.
  • Tertiary colors. They are the result of mixing a secondary color with a primary color. The outer wheel that we can divide into warm colors (the upper ones) and cold colors (the lower ones).

Analogous colors

They are those that have similar hues and are next to each other on the color wheel. For example, blue and purple. Combining fabrics with these colors creates a harmonious effect with very little contrast.

Complementary colors

They are those that are directly across from each other on the color wheel, the opposites. The primary color is complementary to a secondary color. These combinations are more aggressive and less harmonic.

Poplin Antibacterian Solid

The 100% cotton poplin is great to make beautiful combinations based on 1-2 solid colors to start and then look for some printed fabric (1 or more) that has one of these solid colors as a base. In this way, we make sure that the combination will be stupendous and aesthetically beautiful.

The fact that they are antibacterial does not affect the quality, touch, and use of this type of fabric at all. In fact, it is beneficial especially if it is to make children’s clothing or accessories since it prevents allergies. Available in 15 different colors.

Rustic Cotton

It is 100% cotton-like Poplin but with a higher weight and a very original rustic effect finish. We have it available in 8 solid colors and 12 prints. Perfect to combine with each other.

rustic cotton solids

Jersey Solid Colors

Nothing more and nothing less than 22 plain jersey colors you have to combine. We have already talked to you in more detail about this particular fabric in this blog post.

solid jersey colors



Among the Muslins that you can find in our online catalog, there are two plain models. The basic or Solid Muslin (available in 8 colors) and the Chambray Muslin (available in 6 colors).

Both are 100% cotton fabrics with double layers, soft, fluffy, and with a characteristic wrinkled effect. Chambray muslin differs from the basic one because it has a mottled finish similar to jeans. Available in 6 colors.

Recycled Canvas

Recycled Canvas Recycled fabric has a chambray effect that visually closely resembles denim, but is finer. Made with plastic bottles (13%) and pre-consumer recycled cotton (87%). A 100% recycled fabric certified by the Global Recycled Standard (GRS). Rustic, natural, soft, and resistant fabric. Ideal for tablecloths, cushions, curtains, and accessories in general. Available in 10 colors.

basic fabrics in solid colors

Soft French Terry Solid

This ultra-soft winter sweatshirt fabric is available in 8 different colors. On the outside, it has an ultra-silky touch thanks to a special finishing technique. Perfect to combine with the rest of Katia Fabrics Sweat and Jersey fabrics.

In addition to these fabrics, you also find in our catalog Basic Denim, Basic Sweat Melange or winter fleece, and Basic Melange Jersey, both in heather gray.

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