Easy pullovers 🧶 Beginner, make your first handmade jumper in 2024!

2 January, 2024

Have you recently started to learn how to knit or crochet? If so, you probably have a hat, scarf or mobile phone cover on your list of projects to do. However, what about putting your skills to the test and making a bigger garment?

easy jumpers: easy knit and crochet patterns for beginners

In fact, we want to motivate you to knit or crochet your first jumper in 2024!  If you think this is a difficult and timely project… think again. These easy jumpers for beginners will make you change your mind. Get your needles and hooks ready because once you have made your first jumper, you’ll want to make them all!

easy jumpers: easy knit and crochet patterns for beginners

Easy jumpers for beginners

Simple does not have to mean boring! As illustrated by this easy and fun colorblock jumper. Furthermore, there is an explanatory video tutorial to follow whilst you knit it. You only need to know how to knit the basic stitches using large size needles and a few balls of WOW Chunky and WOW Fluffy This winter, feel proud to tell the world that the jumper you are wearing has been handmade by you.

Knit Sweater kit for beginners

Multitexture Trend

Create layered outfits with this top-down cropped sweater pattern using Funk by Katia, perfect for beginners. The yarn’s unique texture and color changes make for stunning vintage-inspired pieces with a modern twist. Get started now and play with different techniques to elevate your knitting skills.

Combine retro and modern styles with this multicolored sweater featuring textured details from the Katia Sport 115 magazine. Its high neck and irregular tonal effect make it utterly unique. Knit your vintage garments with Katia Funk fantasy yarn to achieve incredible results.

Easy knit sweater pattern for beginners6

Crochet easy jumpers

If you are learning to crochet, this jumper is within reach of your crochet hook. Use Hiro Merino wool and artisanal silk yarn to create a multicolored garment with a flattering V-neck and Japanese sleeves. You only need to know double crochet, single crochet and chain stitch. Such easy Crochet!

Download our free pattern for an oversized crochet maxi pullover using Kirei and Kirei Color! The puffed sleeves with cords at the cuffs allow you to adjust them to your liking. If you’re on Team Granny Square, this easy and fun crochet sweater is for you!

Easily make a fashionable granny square sweater with your own two hands. You just need this free pattern and balls of Katia Instagranny which change color with each round of your granny square. Enjoy moments of fun and relaxation!

Free crochet pattern: sweater in granny squares for beginners

We Love Wool 

Love and wool, wool and love… The order doesn´t matter if you use them together! From that combination come creations like these sweaters knitted with Katia Love Wool. Feel the warmth and softness of Love Wool and a pair of XL knitting needles.

Easy knit chunky sweater pattern

Easy knit sweater patter

Easy knit pattern: sweater for beginners

If in doubt, a slipover

If you are still not ready to knit or crochet your first jumper, relax and enjoy making your first slipover. Surprise everyone with this WOW design! Maxi Crochet Vest Jeanne! This pattern designed by @studioceliahoste teaches you how to make a crochet vest with thick WOW! Chunky yarn. Make it in neon or pastel colors and look spectacular!

Crochet kit: easy crochet vest for beginners