Learn C2C Crochet: Follow the video tutorial to make the Bee My Baby baby blanket with Katia Alabama

19 May, 2020

In this video tutorial we are going to tell you all about the C2C, or Corner to Corner, crochet technique. Moreover, Ester from MissDIY is going to help explain the details. Follow these comprehensive step by step instructions and learn C2C crochet whilst making the Bee My Baby baby blanket with Katia Alabama. Ester will show you how to make your first C2C squares. She will also show you how to change colour and how to follow the graph with designs and letters. Furthermore, she will teach you how to make a simple crochet border edge around the blanket.

C2C Crochet

Lastly in this tutorial, you will also learn how to sew a fabric lining onto the back of the blanket. In this case we will use a printed fabric from the Katia Fabrics range. Therefore, we will embellish the least visible side of the blanket with the fabric. As a result, babies and small children will be able to feel its soft, cool touch.

tutorial c2c blanket

Learn C2C Crochet

Get hooked on a really easy and fast technique that can be used for all kinds of projects! Follow the step by step instructions and learn how to Crochet C2C. Or, as the name indicates, to crochet from corner to corner. This technique consists of making small squares from one corner, in oblique rows, to the opposite corner. You only need to know how to do chain stitch, double crochet and slip stitch! Look at the following graph and follow the dotted line in grey. This dotted line indicates the order to work the squares in. Once you learn this technique and how to change colour, think of all the things you can do.

C2C Crochet

How to make a C2C graph

You only need a sheet of squared paper to make a C2C graph. It is as easy as colouring in squares to make the patterns and phrases you want. You can also use a program with a spreadsheet like Excel and fill the squares with colours to create your own corner to corner designs. Furthermore, you can adjust the width of the columns and the height of the rows when creating these patterns. Other options include using patterns from cross stitch embroidery, tapestry crochet and jacquard knits. In fact, any other techniques that follow the “one square, one stitch” method. In this case, each coloured square on a graph is converted into a crochet C2C square.

graph bee baby blanket

Before starting to create your own designs, learn C2C crochet with the video tutorial by MissDIY for Katia. Get ready! Download and print the Bee My Baby graph (click on the image to enlarge it) or copy onto a square grid sheet.


Katia Alabama: 10 balls white, 2 balls black, 2 balls yellow, 1 ball grey. Size G6 (U.S.)/(4 mm) crochet hook, 1 metre Poplin fabric from Katia Fabrics, pins, sewing needle or sewing machine and thread.

Blanket measurements: 33 1/2″ x 39 3/8” (85 cm x 100 cm)

🌐 Translated subtitles 💬

The video is narrated in Spanish, so (if this is not your language) we recommend you to activate the Youtube subtitles option:

1. Click on the Subtitles icon to activate this tool.

2. Then click on the Settings icon (just at the side).

3. Once there, click on Subtitles (1) and then on Translate automatically where you will find the language in which you want to read the subtitles.

Although sometimes Youtube’s automatic translation can have errors (names of stitches used, for example), an image really is worth a thousand words and Ester clearly shows how to make each part of this project.

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🌻 World Bee Day 🐝

With this charming little C2C crochet bee, we want to remind you of the importance of these small insects in nature. Thanks to the pollination carried out by bees (and other pollinators like butterflies, bats and hummingbirds) our ecosystems, crops and biodiversity are maintained. The United Nations has declared the 20th of May World Bee Day. They aim to raise awareness of the importance of bees, the threats they face and the huge contribution they make to sustainable growth.

C2C Crochet