Learn latch hooking, canvas embroidery and hand weaving on a loom with new videos and the digital magazine Marrakech

23 September, 2020

Travel through desert dunes and the labyrinth of streets in the Marrakech Medina with these 9 decorative projects. Together with Carmen García de Mora we propose that you discover three different textile techniques to create unique decorative items: latch hooking, canvas embroidery and weaving on a loom. “These decorative projects -created using different textile techniques for the new digital magazine Marrakech– are inspired by desert landscapes contemplated from our homes. Those oases in the middle of immense spaces that people fill with color and freshness”. Carmen García de Mora, textile designer. Learn latch hooking, canvas embroidery and hand weaving on a loom with our new textile techniques videos and the digital magazine Marrakech.

textile techniques videos

Marrakech Digital Magazine

Latch Hooking

Atay Tapestry Wall hanging

textile techniques videos

Argan Stool

textile techniques videos

Kasbah Rug

how to latch hook a rug

Canvas Embroidery

2 Oasis Cushions

cushions canvas embroidery

Medina Laptop Cover

textile techniques videos

Zoco Case

how to embroider canvas

Hand Weaving

Atlas Wall hanging

tapestry wall hanging

Toubkal Wall hanging

how to hand weaving on a loom

Textile techniques videos

Would you like to learn how to make your own textile projects, but are still resisting knitting and crochet? Then, these three craft techniques are perfect for you. Enjoy the soft, warm textures of latch hooking; easily develop your own geometric designs and patterns with canvas embroidery; or let yourself get carried away by the magic of weaving yarns on a loom. You only need to follow the step-by-step instructions for each pattern included in the new digital magazine Marrakech Collections. And also, our textile techniques videos to learn how to latch hook, canvas embroidery and hand weaving on a loom.

So, connect with your hands and start your journey towards a life full of creativity!

textile techniques videos