Explore the cropped jacquard-knit cardigan designed by @knitsngiggs with Katia Ingenua for Premium Designers!

14 February, 2023

Explore the world with The Explorer Cardigan! Get ready to discover a unique cropped jacquard-knit cardigan pattern with The Explorer Cardigan. Allie from @knitsngiggs suggests knitting this original boxy fit and lapel collar jacket. Enjoy a youthful design with a modern palette of colors from Katia Ingenua, a very light longhaired mohair yarn. Get the pattern designed exclusively for Premium Designers at katia.com and, of course, explore your own selection of colors.

cropped jacquard-knit cardigan

Cropped jacquard-knit cardigan

The feeling of waking up in the morning and going for a hike inspires The Explorer Cardigan. Like watching the sunrise over gentle misty peaks in the mountains. This design is an ode to cold air, the smell of pine and the light fractures the morning in pastel tones. So, The Explorer Cardigan is meant to be soft, warm and a fun exploration through colorful landscapes.

cropped jacquard-knit cardigan

Allie | @knitsngiggs

Allie @knitsngiggs is a food-loving engineering student, travel photography enthusiast and happy knitter from Copenhagen. She loves all things soft and pretty. And she started her knitting journey when her mother encouraged her to knit everything she could not find in stores. This has fostered her passion for aesthetic and fashionable pieces made with high quality material. Allie hopes to inspire others to pick up the needles and experience the joy of creating something unique from scratch. And, thus, “take a break from the fast-paced digital world of everyday life”.

intarsia cardigan pattern

Enjoy one of the 2023 hand knitting trends with each stitch of this new Premium Designers design. Download this cropped jacquard-knit cardigan pattern and other exclusive designs, available as PDF on your phone, tablet and computer, from katia.com.