Have you run out of elastic? We teach you how to make jersey string with your fabrics 🌈

If you have run out of elastic for your face masks, we teach you how to easily make a jersey string with your fabrics. Face masks have become a new accessory to always carry with us when leaving home, entering stores, and jobs. Sometimes it is difficult to find the material to make them because it is out of stock. Jersey fabrics are the typical fabric to make T-shirts. It is elastic and has the characteristic that if we cut it into strips and stretch it, it will roll up. Perfect to use as elastics, it is very easy to perform and very soft to wear behind the ears or head. We have made a video tutorial so you can see better how to do it step by step.

string jersey tutorial


How to make jersey string with your fabrics

To make the jersey cord you need:

  • Jersey fabric 
  • Scissors
  • Tape measure

string jersey tutorial

Cut the strips approximately 1.5-2 cm wide. As you can see in the video, there are two ways to cut the jersey strips:

Grainline: If you cut the strips in the direction of the thread, when they are stretched they are wound inwards leaving the pattern or right side of the fabric visible.

Crosswise: When the thread is stretched, they are rolled out, leaving the reverse side of the fabric visible.

We advise you to cut the fabric in grainline so that you have some more beautiful and colorful laces. Use the cords in your mask and cut to the extent to which you feel most comfortable.

We hope you find it useful, that you put it into practice and we can see your versions using the hashtag #katiafabrics

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