These are 10 of our best yarns for amigurumis: 100% cotton, lightweight T-shirt yarn and soft chenille

Autor: Katia
25 April, 2023

Wishing you a happy and creative Amigurumi Day! Undoubtedly, today is a great day to try amigurumi or up your game with the best yarns for amigurumi. In this post, we encourage you to try out different materials, like 100% cotton, lightweight T-shirt yarn or soft velvet-like chenille. We’ll also share the top 5 features to keep in mind when choosing yarns to crochet amigurumis. If you also want to make unique crochet dolls, we recommend these 10 Katia yarns!

best yarns for amigurumis

Our best yarns for amigurumis

Do you want to improve the quality of your amigurumis? Take note! These are our top 10 yarns to make amigurumis that look 100% professional. We also share amigurumi pattern ideas available at and on this blog, which we hope you find inspiring.

best yarns for amigurumis

100% cotton yarns for amigurumis

We know that 100% cotton is the perfect material to make soft, resistant, and professional-looking amigurumis. We recommend the best ones in the greatest range of colors. Carry on reading and find the perfect cotton yarn for you!

Amigurumi 100% | 40 colors | 2.5-mm crochet hook

Play with the colors of Katia Amigurumi 100% available in mini-balls! Don’t underestimate their size because this yarn goes much further than creating small details. Take a look at everything you can make with a kit of 10 balls of Katia Amigurumi 100%…

ideas amigurumi

Cotton 100% | 43 colors | 2.5-3-mm crochet hook

One of the most well-loved yarns by customers! Undoubtedly, Katia Cotton 100% is a must-have if you’re looking for a soft 100% cotton yarn, in more than 40 matt colors.

cotton yarn for amigurumi

Fair Cotton | 40 colors | 3-mm crochet hook

Today, Katia Fair Cotton is a firm favorite among many Katia Lovers. As well as its wide color range, it is a favorite for crochet because it is organic cotton, free from toxic substances and environmentally friendly.

amigurumis hechos con fair cotton

Panama | 42 colors | 2.5-mm crochet hook

Another cotton best-seller is Katia Panama, a versatile yarn to make amigurumis or any other knitting or crochet project you have in mind.

crochet toy yarns

Capri | 70 colors | 2-mm crochet hook

We round off our recommendations of 100% cotton yarns with Katia Capri, a 5-star yarn. For its colorways, weight, price, performance… This mercerized cotton is the most loved at!

safety blanket pattern

Lightweight T-shirt yarn for XXL amigurumis

Beyond cotton yarn, there are endless options to create incredible amigurumi! Dare to go big with ribbon or lightweight T-shirt yarn to crochet spectacular XXL amigurumis.

Big Ribbon | 19 colors | 8-mm crochet hook

Our Katia Big Ribbon lightweight T-shirt yarn is perfect if you want to easily size up your amigurumis. Just use this 100% recycled cotton and polyester ribbon with your favorite amigurumi pattern and be amazed by the result.

amigurumi xxl t-shirt yarn

Washi | 24 colors | 5-mm crochet hook

If you want to start making amigurumi, Katia Washi lightweight tape is perfect for you. Why? Because it’s really easy to work with. Since it’s a flat tape, with no twist or plies, it offers greater stitch definition which also keeps it from getting caught on the hook.

Chenille for toys with a velvet feel

Do you want to make irresistible amigurumi? Try soft chenille to achieve a velvet feel. Achieve much more professionally finished toys!

Bambi | 24 colors | 5-6-mm crochet hook

The velvet feel of Katia Bambi enchants and inspired increasingly more fans of amigurumi. Create 100% lovely crochet toys with this soft chenille! You can also combine Katia Bambi with its sparkly and festive version, Katia Christmas Bambi.

velvet touch yarn for crochet toys

Magic Ring | 7 colors | 8-9-mm crochet hook

This chenille, with a velvet feel and an innovative ring or loop structure, is perfect to teach children the art of amigurumi. For adults, Katia Magic Ring, is also a great ally to release day-to-day stress. Discover how easy it is to make a soft and cuddly amigurumi with this free pattern with video!

Velvet Fine | 13 colors | 2.5-mm crochet hook

Lastly, don’t miss out on trying Katia Velvet Fine! Its velvet effect, softness and subtle shine combined create incredible amigurumis. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, make simple patterns and adorable toys using Velvet Fine.

Chenille for toys with a velvet feel

5 key features when choosing yarns

We often receive questions about which types of yarns are best to make amigurumis. Well, even though you can make amigurumi with any kind of yarn, here are 5 essential (but not mandatory) traits that amigurumi makers value when choosing yarns.

1. Easy to work with

What does this mean? Preferably rounded yarns, with good twist to prevent the plies from splitting, which are lightweight and soft so that your crochet hook can flow easily. Although, if you really set your mind to it, you could probably make amigurumis with any kind of yarn.

2. Resistant to wear and washing

Without a doubt, 100% cotton yarns are one of the best options to make long-lasting amigurumis. Especially if they are going to be for babies and children.

algodón resistente fair cotton

3. Wide color range

The more colorful, the greater chance of creating everything you can imagine. Of course, you can make monochrome amigurumis… But it’s more fun to dream in color!

4. In stock

Yarns that will be in stock for several seasons and that are easy to find in-store or available at

5. Affordable

And lastly, an important detail for fans of amigurumis: great value! Because you want to buy your yarn in all the colors to make your favorite amigurumi without feeling the financial effects.

In short, yarns for amigurumis are one of the keys to successfully achieving incredible results. Obviously, without forgetting about fun and creativity. We hope you enjoy making your next amigurumi with our recommended yarns. Share your crochet toys with our Katia Lover community on Instagram and Facebook!