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After the storm… comes the Willbe O’key CAL! A rainbow amigurumi by @deestraperlo for you

CAL Willbe O'key

“As soon as I became aware of the #andratuttobene and #desdemiventana initiatives, whereby kids paint rainbow signs and hang them on their balconies, I knew straight away that I wanted to make an amigurumi rainbow. In fact, it was more of a necessity than a desire. Rainbows, colours, positive sentiments and optimistic messages? Oh yes baby”. So, as in the words of Maria Sommer @deestraperlo, Willbe O’key was born. This likeable crochet doll with googly eyes is full of colour and raring to go outside after the storm. “And what is Willbe O’key doing whilst the storm continues? Well, the…

3 monstrous amigurumi to crochet with Katia Washi this Halloween. Let’s picnic with the Monstrous Family!

monstrous amigurumi

Get your checked blanket ready and fill up your basket with balls of Katia Washi… We’re going on a picnic with the Monstrous Family! We present Grin, Ranja and Lali, 3 adorable monstrous amigurumi. There’s no doubting that they make monstrously fun playmates for kids. We hope that these monstrous amigurumis live a thousand adventures with the tiny tots, before, during and after Halloween. And, of course, that you enjoy creating these likeable little crochet toys using Katia Washi. 3 monstrous amigurumi Where to start? First, download the Monstrous Family pattern. In the pattern you’ll find the instructions explaining how you make the 3 crochet monstrous amigurumi. You’ll also…