Learn to sew matching bum bags for yourself and your little one with the help of the step-by-step video-tutorial from @saralias_sew

Autor: Katia
28 April, 2023

Over the past few years, bum bags have become an everyday staple. Today, thanks to the free pattern and video-tutorial from Sara @saralias_sew, you are going to learn, step-by-step, how to sew a bum bag in two different sizes so you and your little one are a perfect match. This is a great accessory for family outings because it allows for both the mother and child to have their hands free whilst taking part in any kind of activity.

We suggest that you sew these beautiful bum bags with our rustic cotton. This fabric is easy to work with and comes in attractive print designs that are ideal for making this fun accessory. Choose the colours you like best and create a fantastic accessory for yourself and the tiny tots of the household.

how to sew a bum bag

This is an extremely easy accessory to make and suitable for all sewing levels. Furthermore, it is a project that allows you to learn many different sewing techniques:

  • How to adapt a pattern into a smaller size.
  • Also, how to quilt something.
  • And, finally, how to attach a buckle onto the bum bag.

how to sew a bum bag

How to sew a bum bag with Sara @saralias_sew

Both models are made from the free bum bag pattern that you can find on the Katia Fabrics blog. To get started, the first thing you need to do is download the pattern and assemble the pattern pieces. To make the kid’s model, first you must assemble the pattern and then reduce it. Sara explains how to this at minute 1:52 in the video-tutorial.

how to sew a bum bag

The step-by-step instructions that we are using have been put together by Sara from @saralias_sew. She is a part-time social educator from Valencia and a full-time mum of two.

Hi, I´m Sara and I´m the one in charge of the @saralias sew account. Sewing has always been present in my life in one way or another. When I was very young, I trained in tailoring and traditional costume. I also spent some time making Fallera costumes. Then, I decided to have a change from this world to study a Degree in Social Education. Over the years I have resumed my studies in pattern making, cutting and sewing. And although I have always flirted with the idea of starting a business, today, sewing is my main hobby. My mantra: A little bit of sewing a day helps you recharge your batteries.


The main fabric is the rustic cotton from Katia Fabrics.


How to sew a bum bag step-by-step

  1. Cut out all the pattern pieces:
  • Front: 1 piece of exterior fabric, 1 piece of interior fabric, 1 piece of foam.
  • Back: 1 piece of exterior fabric, 1 piece of interior fabric, 1 piece of foam.
  • Upper part: 1 piece of exterior fabric, 1 piece of interior fabric, 1 piece of foam.
  • Sides: 2 pieces of exterior fabric, 2 pieces of interior fabric, 2 pieces of foam.
  1. Quilt the exterior pieces: using tailors chalk, mark vertical linesonto the pieces with a spacing of 3/4″ (2 cm) in between the lines. Then work rows of stitching on top of the lines to join the exterior pieces to the foam.
  2. Mount the zip in the front piece and upper piece, joining the right side of the zip to the right side of the fabric. Next, insert the zip slider if you have used a continuous zip and leave it open.
  3. Finally, mount the side pieces, matching the right sides of the exterior fabric to the right sides of the interior fabric.

How to attach the buckle to the bum bag

  1. To attach the buckle, cut a strip of the backpack tape measuring 13 3/4″ (35 cm) long and introduce through the buckle. Cut another piece of backpack tape measuring 29 1/2″ (75 cm) long and introduce through the strap regulator and the other part of the buckle. Sew the ends of the tapes onto the sides at a distance of 1/4″ (0.5 cm) from the edges.
  2. Place the exterior piece of the back to the front part of the bum bag, with the right sides facing together and leaving the backpack straps inside. Sew at a distance of 1/4″ (0.5 cm) from the edge.
  3. Match the back piece lining to the front piece lining, with the right sides facing together, and sew all the way around, leaving a 3 7/8” (10 cm) opening at the lower edge.
  4. Turn the project out to the right side through the opening. Make sure to turn out the corners properly and close the opening in the lining fabric with an invisible hand sewn stitch.

Your bum bags are now ready to wear and enjoy together with your little one. We hope you liked this ‘how to sew a bum bag’ tutorial and that you will be encouraged to sew more of these kinds of accessories using our free patterns and the wide variety of patterned fabrics available from Katia Fabrics.