Gentile Merino PDF Magazine 🇮🇹 Feel the elegance and distinction of Italian design on your needles!

31 August, 2022

Katia Gentile Merino is a digital magazine with 5 knitting patterns created by 4 Italian designers with Gentile Merino, an Italian yarn with centuries of history. Carry the Katia Gentile Merino PDF magazine, available only at, on your laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Knit wherever and whenever you want, and make:

Feel the elegance and distinction of Italian design on your needles with the Katia Gentile Merino PDF magazine!

Gentile Merino PDF Magazine

Katia Gentile Merino PDF magazine

Enjoy this high-quality yarn made in Italy, knitting these 5 patterns included in the Gentile Merino magazine. This e-book is available as a downloadable PDF in English, Spanish, French, Dutch, German, and Italian.

Gentile Merino PDF Magazine

Women’s cardigan by Knitting for Breakfast

Follow this pattern to knit an oversized straight cardigan with dropped sleeves. Achieve a care-free look with jeans and the open cardigan, or try to give it a sophisticated touch with a simple belt.

chaqueta de punto lana

Cabled bag by Fabio Quarantotto

We suggest a timeless lined and padded accessory, perfect for carrying your laptop. Enjoy an elaborate combination of different cables and finish off your bag with short and long straps.

Bolso con trenzas

Spectacular men’s sweaters by Rosso Cardinale

Enjoy knitting a slim man’s sweater with set-in sleeves in a powerful color combination. We propose wearing this attractive sweater with baggy pants or jeans for a modern and comfortable look.

jerséis de hombre

Round-neck pullover with an Aran cabled design, knit with Gentile Merino. Without a doubt, a wonderful timeless men’s sweater, a wardrobe staple to have fun knitting a detailed cabled motif.

jerséis trenzas hombre

Mini three-toned pullover by Emma Fassio

Learn how to knit a cropped sleeve-to-sleeve sweater using Gentile Merino. And, if you like layering pieces, this sweater is perfect to wear with long shirts and blazers.

Mini pull de punto

Gentile Merino, 100% Italian wool

Katia Gentile Merino comes all the way from the south of Italy, a high-quality merino wool with centuries of history. It goes back to the 15th century, when local sheep were crossed with Merino breed Spanish rams by the Spanish kings in the Papal States. Since then, careful breeding over the years by stockbreeders in Puglia and Abruzzo has resulted in the current breed called Merino Gentile di Puglia.

lana merino italiana

Balls of Merino Wool from European sheep

Feel the tradition and quality of Katia Gentile Merino and Katia Arles Merino in your hands.

Katia Arles Merino 🇫🇷  

A mulesing-free wool made in France with more than two centuries of history. Local Merino sheep breeders from the area of Arles strictly follow the protocols for flock care. For this reason, Merino Arles is UPRA-certified, an organization responsible for the merino breed in Arles. Embrace the warmth and quality of Arles Merino, our exclusive French wool

Katia Gentile Merino 🇮🇹 

With each ball of Gentile Merino, you support the values of a project that certifies the origin and traceability of high-quality 100% Italian wool. So make unique garments with the finesse, resistance, and purity of a merino wool produced following rigorous quality control.