Socks Lovers United e-book with 8 sock patterns


Edition in: English

The Socks Lovers United e-book contains 8 sock patterns that are perfect for any occasion. Learn sock knitting techniques, create colorwork designs, play with bobbles, combine colors of Katia United Socks, knit suggestive lace, etc. Discover why so many knitters are part of the sock knitting community. Download the Socks Lovers United PDF to knit and crochet socks with modern, attractive designs full of personality. In this digital publication, available only at, we bring together 4 real Sock Lovers: @loareknits, @knittingtheskyline, @sionaland and @stine_und_stitch. Discover the versatility, creativity and magic of making socks. Without a doubt, once you wear handmade socks by you, you’re officially a member of Socks Lovers United.

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