Limited Edition Katia Marina Kits: Feel the Mediterranean Sea with these 4 knit and crochet shawls

9 November, 2021

The Marina Collection is the result of inviting 4 knitting and crochet designers to look toward the Mediterranean Sea with some new Fall-Winter 21/22 Concept by Katia yarns in their hands. The 4 knit and crochet shawls designed by Carolina @knitting.sheep, Lucía @knittingtheskyline, Ana @xamalo85 and Laia @littleritaknits are inspired by the seaside, coastal towns, summer memories… by life by the sea. For Barcelona Knits 2021, Katia brings together the talent of these makers in the 4 Katia Marina Kits, a Limited Edition collection available with a 20% discount until November 14, 2021. Would you like to win a pack of Concept by Katia balls? Here’s how you can participate in the special Concept by Katia giveaway at the end of this post …

knit and crochet shawls

4 knit and crochet shawls

Limited Edition Katia Marina Kits

Find the perfect knit and crochet shawls to stroll along the shore. Contemplate the Mediterranean horizon with the 4 Katia Marina Kits. Each of the Katia Marina Kits includes the balls necessary to make the design, as well as a zippered paper case and stitch markers. Easily access the pattern -a Katia exclusive and available in English, Spanish and French- from the QR Code included in the kit. Remember to buy the kits before November 14, 2021 to enjoy a 20% discount!

knit and crochet shawls

Brava and Lora Shawls Knitting Kits

Brava Shawl by @knitting.sheep with Mohair Cotton

“This shawl is inspired by the Costa Brava, those spectacular wild coves with turquoise, blue and emerald green waters. Knitting the Brava shawl has the same relaxing effect as sitting to watch the sun set over the Mediterranean. It combines lace, texture and tones that plunge us into the depths of the fabric. Whoever knits it will discover hidden treasures and surprises”.

Kits Katia Marina

Lora Shawl by @xamalo85 with Cotton-Merino Fine

“Lora is a seamless asymmetrical triangular shawl, that blooms from one corner. The Lora Shawl starts with a simple stitch pattern that represents the earth with a combination of slipped stitches and garter stitch. From the earth, the first stems rise up with cables and slipped stitches that grow until they bloom. The flowers emerge from the center and include simple lace”.

Kits Katia Marina

Caterina and Terraza Shawls Crochet Kits

Terraza Shawl by @littleritaknits with Cotton in Love

“The Terraza Shawl pays a homage to my grandmother —a kind of farewell, since she left us in January— and to those summers we spent with her. Summer holidays at her house on the Costa Brava watching the Mediterranean from her terrace. The sun, the blue sky, the horizon, the waves, the fishermen, the seaweed. The frothy waves crashing on the shore, the sand on the beach, the rocks, the white houses, the pine trees. The Terraza Shawl has been a liberating design, a way of knitting how important that place is to me”.

crochet shawl kit

Caterina Shawl by @knittingtheskyline with Cotton-Merino Tweed

“The Caterina Shawl is inspired by the Santa Caterina Market in Barcelona. The body follows a basic structure and culminates in a wavy border that breaks away from the shawl’s structure, just like the roof of this market. This is a warm, lightweight shawl, with enough drape to wear it across your shoulders or as a scarf around your neck”.

Kits Katia Marina

Listen up! Concept by Katia giveaway

In addition to taking advantage of this week´s 20% discount! Also, with the purchase of a kit before November 30, 2021 on, you will automatically enter into Concept by Katia giveaway. This pack includes Concept by Katia balls valued at € 100, a Dear yarn, I’m ready fabric bag, stitch markersscissors and a keyring with crochet hooks. So if you´re passionate about knit and crochet shawls, enjoy this collection of Limited Edition Katia Kits. Make the most of the chance to win a special Concept by Katia pack!

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Giveaway rules

  • For every Katia Marina Kit purchased on you have a participation in the raffle. For example: if you buy all kits, you have 4 chances to win the prize.
  • The giveaway is open to residents of the European Union.
  • Purchase a Marina kit on by November 30, 2021, 11:59 h p.m. (UTC +2).
  • giveaway app will select the name of the winner, which will be published on this post on December 2, 2021.
  • Likewise, we will contact the winner through the email associated to their user on

Concept by Katia Pack winner

And, finally, the winner is Isabelle Rozenblum. Congratulations! We hope that this is the start of numerous projects with Concept by Katia. To everybody else, good luck next time, because yes, we are already thinking about new giveaways having lots of fun and competitions involving knitting and crocheting. Thanks to everybody for participating!