How to sew an envelope bag with sequin fabric 👝

8 December, 2023

In this sewing post, Carol from @costuraparadummies shows you how to make an envelope bag with sequin fabric, which will be perfect as your favorite party bag this holiday season, using sequin fabric by Katia Fabrics, in a shiny pink tone. In the video tutorial, she will guide you every step of the way to make this elegant accessory, from designing the pattern to the finishing details. Learn everything you need to make your own DIY envelope bag, as well as useful tips to work with sequins.

videotutorial how to sew an enveloppe bag with sequin fabric Katia Fabrics

The step-by-step instructions and design have been made by Carol from @costuraparadummies, a journalist who started to sew during lockdown. She went from masks to clothes to accessories, which she got hooked on. She’s active on Instagram and YouTube, where she shares different sewing tutorials.

how to sew an enveloppe bag with sequin fabric Katia Fabrics

How to sew an envelope bag with sequin fabric

Learn how to make your own envelope bag in 5 simple steps.


To make this reversible fabric bag, you need the following materials and sewing tools:

  1. Sequin fabric in the color pink by Katia Fabrics and cotton fabric for the bag lining (27 cm wide x 46 cm long), inside pocket (21 x 28 cm) and loops (5 x 6 cm)
  2. Fusible interfacing (optional, to add body).
  3. Button or magnetic closure, 21 cm zipper and chain for the bag strap.

videotutorial how to sew an enveloppe bag with sequin fabric Katia Fabrics

Additional tips:

  • When working with sequins, use a thicker needle or a specific needle for heavy fabrics.
  • If your sewing machine is having trouble with the sequins, you can sew the most difficult areas by hand.

Make the sequin bag in 5 steps

  1. How to make the pattern:

Start by drawing the pattern of your bag. For a simple envelope bag, a 27 cm x 46 cm rectangle works great. Along the width, mark the center (13.5 cm, which is half of 27 cm), both along the top and the bottom. From the base, along the sides (the height), mark the following measurements: 1 cm, 16 cm, 16 cm, and 7 cm. Join the last two notches you marked along the sides with the one at the center of the top, forming the tip of the envelope. Make small 0.5-cm cuts at the 16-cm notches, which you will then transfer to the fabrics.

Cut out the paper pattern and use it to cut out your fabric pieces. Keep in mind that this already includes 1 cm of seam allowance.

  1. Cut the fabric, lining and interfacing:

Use the pattern to cut the sequin fabric and lining. If you decide to use fusible interfacing to add body to the bag, cut it to the same size, but remove 1 cm from the entire outline. Iron the interfacing to the lining. If you’re not using sequin fabric on the outside, you can glue it to the wrong side of the outer fabric.

  1. Make the loops:

For the loops, cut two pieces measuring 5 x 6 cm. Fold the pieces as if they were bias binding and sew along the side to make the loops. Sew them to the outer fabric 2 cm below the notch you made earlier.

  1. Insert the zipper in the inner pocket:

Sew the zipper to the inner pocket by inserting the zipper in the lining of the bag. Before sewing, place the magnetic closure or button. For the magnetic closure, mark the position on the fabric and lining, and place it following the manufacturer’s instructions.

  1. Assemble the bag:

Place the sequin fabric and the lining with right sides facing each other and sew around, leaving an open space to turn it right side out. Make sure that the sequins don’t damage your sewing machine; if you need to, remove sequins from the sewn areas.

Lastly, turn the bag right side out, and before seaming the opening, place the female side of the magnetic closure. Finally, side seam the opening closed by hand.

how to sew an enveloppe bag with sequin fabric Katia Fabrics

And done! Your fabulous envelope bag made with sequin fabric is ready, perfect for any Christmas event. Remember to share your creations with us on social media by using #KatiaFabrics and #madewithkatia. We can’t wait to see you shine bright this Christmas with your new accessory!

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