eBook Katia 42 DIY Xmas Décor patterns

Xmas Decor Autumn / Winter


Edition in: English

A 100% Crafty Xmas

Embrace Slow Xmas, a calmer and more creative Christmas spirit!

Enjoy exploring 6 different textile handcrafts: knitting, crochet, sewing, embroidery, macramé and tufting with the 42 DIY Xmas Décor Ideas e-book. Discover a selection of Katia and Katia Fabrics patterns, as well as exclusive tutorials created by @srtalylo, @tweemuzen, @buyi.macrameart, @silvia.creativa and @rogan.creaciones.

Christmas tree decorations, Christmas stockings, decorative elements, garlands, tablecloths, Christmas cards, cushions or rugs... This e-book includes everything you need to have a 100% crafty Christmas!


At Christmas time, the most important thing is to be present.

Let your creativity run wild with the ideas included in the 42 DIY Xmas Décor Ideas e-book by Katia and decorate your home with pieces made with love. This Christmas, share special moments with your loved ones with a 100% YOU décor. Start knitting, crocheting, sewing, embroidering and tufting to create the most magical Christmas with your own two hands!

🌟🎁 This Christmas, the best gift is to be present.

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