Free e-book 42 DIY Xmas Décor Ideas | Christmas 2023

1 December, 2023

The time has come! The countdown to Christmas has begun. If Christmas signifies time for you to enjoy creating things, discover the new 42 DIY Xmas Décor Ideas Katia e-book. And let your creativity run wild to decorate your home with pieces made with love. Christmas tree decorations, Christmas stockings, decorative elements, garlands, tablecloths, Christmas cards, cushions or rugs… This e-book includes everything you need to have a 100% Crafty Christmas!

Xmas Decor Ideas

42 DIY Xmas Décor Ideas 

This Christmas, share special moments with your loved ones with a 100% YOU décor. Start knitting, crocheting, sewing, embroidering and tufting to create the most magical Christmas with your own two hands and the 42 DIY Xmas Décor Ideas e-book !

Xmas Decor Ideas

100% Crafty Christmas decoration

In the 42 DIY Xmas Décor Ideas e-book, discover a selection of Katia and Katia Fabrics patterns. As well as exclusive tutorials created by @srtalylo, @tweemuzen, @buyi.macrameart, @silvia.creativa and @rogan.creaciones. And enjoy exploring 6 different textile handcrafts: knitting, crochet, sewing, embroidery, macramé and tufting.

Xmas Decor Ideas

Free DIY e-book with videos

As well as detailed instructions and charts, this free DIY e-book comes with videos to help you make each of the projects. You just need to log in or sign up to to download the free 42 DIY Xmas Décor Ideas e-book in PDF format. Learn new techniques and enjoy a 100% handmade Christmas!


Christmas means getting together! “Coming home” to spend time with loved ones and having a magical time, full of good intentions and New Year’s resolutions.

At Katia, we want to celebrate this special season with a series of Christmassy ideas. Ideas that remind us that the most important thing is to be present: This Xmas Be More Present.

this Xmas be more present

Slow Xmas, a hassle-free Christmas

Let’s make the most of this festive season (and the holidays) to take a break from the hustle and bustle of our everyday lives and embrace a Slow Xmas, a calmer and more creative Christmas spirit.

Let’s enjoy the process of looking for ideas and making handmade gifts, without rushing (and possibly with little imperfections that make them unique). We want to bring back the magic of our childhood by playing with yarns and fabrics to decorate our home as a family.

We want to be there, here… far away from last-minute gifts bought at the shopping center.

This Christmas, the best gift is to be present.

this Xmas be more present

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